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  1. Couldnt agree more, when I play scout I run a field medic and sniper class. I primarily pick off the big ones and thin the herd when dwarves are overrun in swarms but I can use the grappling hook to zip in, revive, zip out. I don't see many players doing this, they just zip through to be first and its disappointing.

  2. Same hat. Support Scout for life! Rock and stone.

  3. And the only thing running through my head is now "¿Quieres?"

  4. Wait until they hear about the popularity of Savage Axis IIs in Ukraine.

  5. I feel like they might appreciate classical algebraic geometry, once you walk them through modern algebraic notation. You could show them that

  6. Unfortunately, there was precious little topology in my university MMath course. I'm reading through Schaums Outlines on the topic.

  7. Never too late to start, especially since that stuff is mostly orthogonal to the usual math education track, given that it's the background machinery to why you can just assume all those nice things you automatically assume about space in the real world work so in fact also work for the reals.

  8. This all sprung from my effort to define what a real number actually is. I woke up about a month ago and realised, I've been using the real numbers since forever, but I don't know what they even are. I more or less can now define them, but still want to flesh them out.

  9. Out of curiosity, what definition did you settle on for the reals?

  10. I very much doubt you've factored in ecape velocity... :P

  11. To add to this, the Replete numbers instead of reals. Replete meaning essentially the same thing: to fill in holes. Then you can still use blackboard R and C for the corresponding fields, and their names are similar.

  12. If I were Math Overlord, I'd rename "imaginary" numbers to "orthogonal"/"perpendicular"(/maybe even "normal"!) numbers, and "complex" numbers to either "complete" numbers (because algebra) or "duplex" numbers.

  13. On Earth's surface, right now, there are two antipodal points with the exact same temperature and air pressure.

  14. "And they say that to this very day, the iterative construction process still hasn't completed!"

  15. Chasing these taught me how to go fast as Scout.

  16. It’s tough playing scout with anything other than special powder once you start using it! Maybe adding some sort of mobility overclock to the crossbow and zhukovs might make them appealing

  17. YES! I was fully expecting that the crossbow would have an OC functioning somewhat like a grapple or zipline because otherwise why bother running it and giving up Special Powder?

  18. I was going to say - that range looks familiar!

  19. Steeve complements scout the best I think. More targeted weaponry and the ability to scoot after converting one from the middle of a swarm


  21. +1 on therapist here - if you're making sure your metal is in good working order (or going to a specialist if you need extra) and doing the same to make sure most of your meat works, why not show the same courtesy to the most important 5 pounds of meat in your universe?

  22. You could have and should have sued both companies in this situation. Firing because you’re pregnant is against the equal employment opportunity act and Americans with disabilities act (I think that is the one).

  23. I know this is super old, but do you know if BallisticX has CEP calculations built in yet?

  24. No worries! To the best of my knowledge it doesn't yet.

  25. Can anyone make better heads or tails of the Law that the Discordant Script Enacts here than I can?

  26. You know I never made the connection to electrons and when you first said it I shook my head... but it fits the text. And it explains the smell of ozone.

  27. Very possibly! "You breathe, and air fills your lungs, but it feels nothing like respiration." definitely implies something weird is happening to chemistry/physics, here.

  28. Luxury revs and Steeves every day!

  29. Nice bead bracelet! I'm curious what gloves those are, too.

  30. Which are you more excited to see? Day 300? $100 value? Less than 10% left? The 600s?

  31. Those middle two are literally identical lmao


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