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  1. Even if most cops are decent, you never know who you're dealing with. Don't talk to them. Don't help them. Have a lawyer present if you must do either.

  2. What is there to say? Unless I missed something, Musk didn't detail how. Are Republicans supposed to subpoena him over a vague tweet?

  3. I once tried arguing this with someone about the effectiveness of the “vaccines” and here was their response, complete denial of reality:

  4. Dude actually said the Covid vaccine went through the same tests as every other vaccine? WTF? Pfizer testified in the European Parliament that it didn't know if their vaccine prevented transmission before it went to market!

  5. At least she was honest and didn't make him raise a kid that's not his.

  6. Biden always wanted this to fail. They chose the weakest argument to defend it when he knew the Education Act of 1965 is the stronger argument.

  7. D&D was always role-playing with training wheels. I'm so glad it was never part of my gaming learning experience.

  8. And Ukraine turns around and sends money to FTX and buy American military equipment.

  9. Let them block Twitter and then explain why they allow TikTok and WeChat.

  10. Let the EU ban it. Let them be on record as opposing free speech. Europe bans an American chat platform, but allows a communist state controlled platform like WeChat.

  11. The rights imperative to legislate Christian nationalism into law is a huge reason why people are leaving Christianity in America. Case in point is Boebert advocating for a biblical litmus test as a condition of citizenship, people see this and want nothing to do with it.

  12. Tell me, if you would, what Christian tenant is being made into law? Or are you just spreading leftist misinformation? And Boebert isn't advocating for anything like that. That quote was from an interview, off the cuff. It's nothing she actually tried to advance in Washington.

  13. She does want that. She doesn’t have the pull to make it happen, but that doesn’t mean if she could choose what to advance that wouldn’t be it.

  14. As you cannot read her mind, you're unqualified to say what she would or would not do.

  15. Girl is just jealous black men are dating women that look like that rather than her.

  16. If you’re trying to spin the conservative self-own of them spending their own money on a book with literally nothing in it into some yarn how it’s really the liberals who are stupid, you’re in for as big a surprise as Tim Pool was when he realized there was no 49 state landslide for Trump and no red wave.

  17. Do you always spend this much time explaining you don't understand humor?

  18. There's nothing funny about people hurting themselves because of the perceived own it gives to their perceived enemies. Stop watching Fox and Newsmax, stop reading the NY Post and the Daily Mail. It's watching that kind of trash, that gins you up into frothing hatred against The Other Side, that makes you think buying a book with no words in it is funny to anybody but the publisher and author.

  19. The voters nationally may dislike McConnell, but that doesn't matter because his constituents keep voting for him.

  20. All you are doing is blaming the victim

  21. I had to read his comment a few times, but I don't think he's victim blaming. I think he's saying that there are, in the West, and always have been, a subset of white people (being the ethnic majority) who feel it's their burden to "help" the disaffected. Not because it's right to do so, per se, but because they get a certian moral charge out of it. These are the people who live the "soft bigotry of low expectations" life.

  22. The US was winning the war in Vietnam. The US never lost a major conflict and decimated the North Vietnamese military. We were, however, restricted from entering North Vietnam. Imagine fighting WW2 and being told you couldn't enter Germany, or Italy, or Japan. That's what hamstrung the effort.

  23. Yeah, leftists aren't particularly keen on that entire "civil discussion" thing. A big reason why they call everyone who disagrees with them racists and Nazis is literally to give themselves an excuse to avoid any sort of discussion that might potentially draw attention to the flaws in their world views.

  24. I came here to basically say this. The left lives as if any objection to their agenda can only come from people who want the next Holocaust x1000. This allows them to rationalize any injustice on their part as being necessary to avert global disaster.

  25. We have to do some extra work on them if we want to avoid the cramps and bloating that can come with eating them. If you want to grill the peel, that will help some and make it less bitter.

  26. I've always been on the right! Lol Now people are catching up to me. 😁

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