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  1. I’m torn between doing this same thing, or getting their MLOK combat rail in FDE for a poor man’s URGI

  2. For look I was going after I was torn also. After contacting Branson Cerekote near me and seeing their work and facilities first hand I knew I had to take a leap of faith with this one

  3. Midwest Industries is higher quality than people want to give it credit for. I call MI>DD all day long.

  4. This was my consensus after seeing comments in the sub and reviews around the web. Really happy with the decision I made which is all that matters to me.

  5. Thank you, first quad rail and excited to start putting stuff on it. Any recommendations besides a light? I have the BCM hand stop but debating on a vertical grip

  6. In my opinion, I would just get a light and maybe a BCM mod 3 vertical grip. It's short and slightly angled, I mainly use it as a hand stop(holding the rail in a C grip or beer can hold). But it can act as a full vertical grip if needed. Other than that, I'd keep it simple. I like to have my forward sling attachment point closer to the receiver (instead of at the end of the rail), but that's just me.

  7. Appreciate it, light is next purchase for sure. I’ll keep an eye out for the grip though and give it a try. I’m the same way with sling also. I like having the close rail attachment and the attachment at the end plate on a couple of my rifles, but others I like at the end of the stock

  8. Thinking of getting my own equipment and cerakoting some of my stuff, and was wondering if I could make a little side hustle out of it as well, selling at gun shows and whatnot. I'm wondering what would be the best items to try to sell, would you be more likely to buy builder kits like Aero, assembled uppers, camo furniture, etc?

  9. In my area it’s actually really hard to find places that cerekote gun parts. Only one place called Branson Cerekote does gun parts and they have a steady stream of business. Have a few parts with them now to get done. Could be lucrative as a side hustle if cerekote businesses are limited around you.

  10. Late to the party, now I need to know what OP’s comments were!

  11. I almost bought a Rave 140 but Reddit told me to get an MBT-2S and that's what I did.

  12. I have a RA-434 in one of my builds and knock on wood, so far, have had no issues thru about 2k rounds. I do know it's one of the newer revisions of that specific trigger, so maybe that's why I've had no problems..? Can never go wrong with LaRue or Geissele triggers, though. 👍🏻

  13. Good to hear. I have a new build coming along with the Rise LE145, hoping I don’t have the same issue. But got some back up larue triggers just in case. The 140 I have seems like it’s a newer version since it has the springs underneath for tension, pretty sure those were introduced in later version of it.

  14. Oh corrosion? Nitride or chrome lined with a nice phosphate outer finish will do you just fine.

  15. Do you know how that compares to just the 416R stainless barrel, with a bead blast finish?

  16. I mean any stainless steel has SOME carbon in it so there’s always going to be that possibility of rust forming.

  17. My understanding as well, needed some reassurance. I should be good with my decision. Future me can decide if he wants to switch barrels, or have one on stand by for it

  18. The grass is definitely greener on the other side, and I don’t plan on going back

  19. Really like the SI enhanced lower parts kit, switched to an Odin works ambi safety, and rave trigger. Very happy with how it all feels

  20. UPPER Aero Precision M4E1 FDE Upper Aero Precision 10.7” Enhanced M-LOK Handgaurd BCM Bolt Carrier Group Radian Raptor Charging Handle Faxon Fire Arms 11.5 Gunner Midlength Barrel SA Adjustable Gas Block Strike Industries Oppressor Strike Industries JCOMP2 Muzzle Holosun HS510C Streamlight HL-X

  21. Just had this issue yesterday putting mine on. Luckily had a buddy with just a mediocre Amazon armorers wrench that worked. Was a snug fit because of the coating on the wrench but it ended up torquing fine to 47ft/lb for alignment

  22. Any update? I also bought a humidifier and received this same notice today.

  23. After multiple refreshes, and error messages saying no longer available, was able to snag one. Hopefully the order is honored!

  24. That’s a nice deck, do you let a lot of people on your deck? Or just you and your deck alone?

  25. Yeah, as much as I like the looks of -24 and even -12's,..I should stay flush under the fender. Maybe a zero offset will work. My dilemma right now,.well it's more like research is: Comparing prices of going to Discount Tire for the rims and tires package. And then buying the leveling kit at like a four wheel or performance store. Let them install the level. Then go to Discount tire and get the tire rim package put on. I think it's looking a little cheaper than letting the performance shops do it all . It's like a $300 difference. Anyway,.sorry to get off topic lol.

  26. Check out and look at their gallery of what others have done with their setup. This is how I decided on what measurements I wanted.

  27. Yup, thats the exact site Ive been studying lol. So many good looking rigs on there. It's been a huge help guiding me to the "look" I want.

  28. I ultimately went with the wheel size I got with the hopes of getting a six inch lift and 35s

  29. Are You Getting Any? How Training Horses Makes Me a Better Top

  30. Thank you for researching when I was to lazy to myself. Take this upvote as compensation.

  31. If you got a problem with horse girls then you got a problem with me! And I suggest you let that one marinate

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