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  1. you could turn this presentation style into a video series with ActivePresenter program, as long as u read it out.


  3. Its because Susie is anti-authoritarian, which is why they find it weird when Ralsei mentions darkner's purpose is to serve (inferior, implies hierarchy) lightners.

  4. The meaning is, stories and life aren't all fun n games. Sometimes people despair.

  5. 'I will not use it' because Annoying Dog is a censorship machine, which means this WAS the thrash machine censored, which 'I will not use it' is tying it to Goner Maker, which the thrash creation parallels. So this is both lore dump and cute.

  6. I just went crazy lol, got a multivitamin. A mixture of brain boosting supplements and lions mane Magnum nutraceuticals: Mane Brain king of nootropics mix if you want to look up specifically what's in it.

  7. L theanine is in green tea which is like 10 cents a serving or less. It shouldn't justify a more expensive purchase relatively imo.

  8. Curious about why not licorice tea?

  9. Licorice prevents stimulation reduction from caffeine over time. So if you have lets say a coffee of 50mg of caffeine, it takes time to absorb to 50mg and depletes 50% every 5 hours. If you have Licorice tea, like 5% of the caffeine is recirculated for every serving of licorice you have stored in your fat cells. So its 45% depletion every 5 hours. After a week of licorice its basically only depleting 15% every 5 hours, so it lasts a lot longer, and can cause insomnia or kidney damage.

  10. Thanks for breaking it down like this. Had no idea licorice could block caffeine clearance.

  11. Bacopa I have no idea. Ash you want 2 weeks off after a month or only twice a week. It effects the kidneys. It can help the kidneys(including kidney failure) but if they are fine already it can do weird stuff with long term use I guess.

  12. People need to take it as needed, not all the time. Like twice a week should be fine.

  13. If I had DMT I would be hitting it for chillin, not for breaking through. How good is it at 1 or 2 hits for closed eye visuals?

  14. I cannot play it I tried it for about an hour. The art book is like something I literally did before. And I physically and starting to feel numb within the first hour.

  15. Shyren. I did genocide multiple times. But Shyren made me reset. Because they were the redemption I had after killing Toriel. I got depressed.

  16. The monster you can backtrack to meet just before Waterfall where you can stand on their face to get them to ferry you and they pay you three gold to do so, and they ferry you by pulling Frisk underwater as a pseudo-teleport.

  17. Sour patch kids have a powder coating that makes them sour, that one was probably at the botttom of the bag and was coated with the most dust

  18. It was near the top, the stuff burning me was mixed inside the gummy not a coating

  19. Well you just called them a person which means you recognize them as an equal entity not an animal food source.

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