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  1. How you to choose to decompress is your decision. Sounds like this 19 year old is being judgmental and borderline ungrateful. He has almost zero world experience and if you’re working a trauma wing, then buddy you play whatever and for however long you want.

  2. I’m really happy with grim gables, it makes me think of season 6 when I first started playing

  3. Exactly how I felt. Took me back to when I started.

  4. It doesn’t look like a brain….good god they’re fucking braids.

  5. Very unfortunately common issue with xbone ones, series s, and ps4.

  6. The pickaxe has a quest book bundled to it

  7. Yeah I found that out and I need 4 more levels to get it

  8. I mean I dropped there all the time the past few seasons. That being said, I love the new poi. It kept my favorite part of shifty (the mountain), and gives me chapter 1 vibes below.

  9. Wow they just skipped over desdemona and went day 1 into the new update skins

  10. They are definitely saving her for Friday at the earliest or fortnitemares

  11. Ha! I’m making up for the years I took off lol. I’m just happy they didn’t put anything else Halloween related in today. My saved v bucks are gone and I need a few days before I can buy a large amount again for FNitemarea

  12. That’s groceries, gas, nicotine, clothing, home supplies, and many other store bought items FOR YEARS.

  13. Right one because it’s the closest I can get to recovering my drift skin.

  14. Nah. The guy pulled a jerk move. If he cannot be serious for something important imagine what type of clown he is day to day.

  15. Nah, the idea someone needs a blood rock to feel important, aside from the actual gesture and commitment, shows exactly what type of clown she is.

  16. Look out Vegans, the plants are pissed.

  17. It literally cannot be pay to win if you didn’t pay. It can dodge a shot but if you wanna complain of pay to win complain about the flipping emotes since they do the same and are actually paid

  18. Even if the emote wasn’t free, everyone still says it’s paid to win. That’s the name everyone uses. It’s been like this since chapter 1.

  19. Yes, because those items are, get ready, PAID FOR.

  20. This persons lack of understanding basic vocabulary is troubling, and frankly hurting my brain.

  21. Do y’all brainstorm complaints in the shower or something

  22. Wait shifty is gone? I just got home and haven’t booted the game up yet. What the fucking fuck

  23. To their credit, a few minutes later they did make fun of Brian for wanting to call the police to help them. Stewie said something like, "oh, what happened to your #defund stuff, I guess reality hits different when you're not trying to get likes from Alyssa Milano on Twitter," which was decently based.

  24. They definitely lean left but in order to maintain its status, especially on fox, there’s plenty of shots going both ways.

  25. I recall hearing or reading they consider themselves libertarians so I guess that fits the bill.

  26. I didn’t say you did, I’m expressing how I feel and what I would do if that’s the only way the game was played.

  27. If what you’re describing as fun was the way this game pushed you to play, I’d uninstall immediately.

  28. Girl too ugly? Put a bag on her head.

  29. I mean a lot of the people that used to play fornite no longer do because epic has gone to shit

  30. Yeah, the $31.5 billion company has gone to shit. All because an issue triggering early downtime (occurred once this year) for a game that generates $5 billion plus in revenue yearly.

  31. Would you calm down, in 5 months of me returning to the game this has never happened.

  32. Numerous years of chronic pain say otherwise :( but ty for the concern.

  33. I wish you the best, maybe switch from flower to oil, then to edibles on a rotation. I find since they effect me differently I don’t notice the T buildup as much.

  34. They tried placing Plague in the store lineup and the whole system shattered

  35. Bro, you’re an esports player. You made it.

  36. Because I was being nice? Lol that’s pretty ridiculous

  37. I know lol. I’m saying I’m wondering why ghost you when you did a nice thing for them

  38. Lol oh, my bad. Inflection gets lost in text so I thought you were maybe being a smart ass

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