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  1. How are you going to apply for a position and NOT know what salary range for the position is just by googling?

  2. Cool. Feel free to hit me up anytime. I completed my skillbridge on 31 Jul, retired 30 Sep (Air Force). Familiar with processes and availabilities. I made a checklist and simple guide as well, feel free to check it out:

  3. Do you need to submit a resume for this skillbrdige? TIA!

  4. Withdrawals are taking exceptionally long today

  5. I think almost every single sub you ever hit in the gym is to some degree "given" simply because we're not competing so there's always going to be some level of "well I could try harder to bust out of this sub but also I want to train tmrw so nah" that doesn't mean there aren't legit subs within this context, but I think it's important to remember.

  6. Been working on arm bars since blue belt and still finding ridiculous entries, especially when I'm showering thinking about it lol

  7. Not even a question. YES. Mental, social, spiritual, physical needs > body deteriation. Bro, with or without BJJ you body WILL deteriorate!

  8. Control them, don't smash them. Put them on their back and hold them down. Get side control, move to north south, knee on belly, mount, dismount, rinse and repeat.

  9. This is actually a relevation to me and never thought about it that way until I read your comment!

  10. Saddest: Viscery's choosing to cut open his wife tied with suicide by dragon

  11. The threat of injury will always be there, but if you consciously roll and can identify situations where one might get injured, just give up the position.

  12. They better be speaking English in that subway, this is 'merica

  13. I usually get 2 taps in real quick, and then let them get dominant positions that i work out of. then i give them tips afterwards on how to either defend or control better...and i ALWAYS give words of encouragement.

  14. Congrats to both on (a) long, rewarding careers and (b) surviving the military still married.

  15. Your SEL, Chief and/or commander aren't sourcing one?

  16. Why? I need your honest opinion

  17. From your response then, there must be something else. Does your gym promote randomly? Or do they have promotion days, and if you miss those then you have to wait for the next?

  18. I wholeheartedly disagree with the point stacking.

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