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  1. I have a digitalized version. Interested?

  2. Did you shower in it? Some genuine opals are well known to completely loose color in water, go check videos on youtube

  3. Maybe he is her false twin flame! My false twin flame telepathically threatened to stab me. I went to a Catholic Church to ask for divine intervention and eventually the dude committed suicide. Sometimes I wonder if it was my fault or just God’s will or him being homeless and a drug addict.

  4. Shot of lime juice with hot sauce and salt, (from a shady Mexican lady ;) say guys name before drinking.

  5. Thank you shady lady 😁 one more advice, how can I know if I want to choose a professional, if they're trustworthy? So many scammers around!

  6. Okay, so the first absolutely required step here is to get her into therapy and probably see a psychiatrist to discuss possible medication, because it sounds like she’s going through severe depression because of the abuse that happened. And if she’s in immediate danger of hurting herself, please get her into in inpatient psych hospital/ward! Then when that’s in motion, then she could try cord cutting, a mirror spell and/or a deep cleanse of herself and her aura. But the mundane must be started first, because that’s the hardest part to get a handle on.

  7. Woah girl, serious inspo. What do you do for manteinance?

  8. If it's only one I say conch with big jewelry!

  9. In the movie the fat lady basically says Sirius Black attacked her.

  10. The only useful reply here! Thank you!

  11. Thank you, that could be it! I it doesn't feel swollen though, my lip didn't really feel swollen either and it's had this placement since it was pierced, I didn't have a longer bar before but it looked pretty much the same as it did from right after.

  12. It doesn't need to be swollen, a short bar causes pressure and therefore irritation. A millimeter can change everything in piercings. Go for a longer bar and make it titanium. Saline solution twice a day and you'll be good

  13. Thought I'd update, I just got a longer bar and it was basically instant relief! I really hope it heals well now, just hope I can get a shorter bar again once it's healed haha

  14. Aw so glad you feel better! I know it's akward to follow strangers advice on the internet but sometimes it's worth it! Happy healing! If you have any more questions along the healing journey I'll be here! 🍀

  15. Woah, that's EXACTLY how I want my ears to look like 😭😭😭

  16. Some people have poor diets so even the smallest tweaks yield big results. My friend lost 20 lbs from simply stopping drinking soda. That's all she did.

  17. I think you got the 16 and 8 backwards.

  18. That's it! Thank you!! I don't get it anyway tho lol 8 hours are still a huge amount of time to eat

  19. I've seen some mentions of vegetarian keto if that would suit you better?

  20. Interesting I'll look into it! But I'm concerned about fasting with low protein intake because of muscle loss

  21. Cool! Tell me about your 2nd lobes, I'm stretching mine but I'm not sure about the goal size? What's yours? Do you find them more difficult/slower to stretch than your 1st?

  22. Cheaper shipping methods don't track your parcel after it enters your country

  23. Lovely everything as always! Although I must admit the Dark Mark side is my fave💀! Have fun on vacation 🤩

  24. urban body jewelry has a flat back post top similar to that

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