1. There’s no magic number of minutes because tolerance, size of you, size of the bump etc all matters. But it’ll be hard to accidentally k hole if you aren’t being silly. Just take a bump and wait 15 minutes and see how you feel, take another and repeat. Taking bumps little by little will make it hard to k hole as when you’re starting to feel a bit wonky the keys will start being harder to do and you’ll know it’s best to slow down a bit

  2. Yeah sounds about right. Can always take more/less if after a few bumps you’re feeling it’s not enough/too much

  3. lol don’t listen to the bullshit on here, it’s perfectly fine to eat before/whilst on ket. There’s still bile in your stomach that if you throw up in a k hole will make you suffocate just the same, just make sure you put yourself in the recovery position if you feel a hole coming on

  4. Michael giving candy to the trick or treaters , gets me everytime , shows how he really is a genuinely nice guy he’s just lonely (until he meets holly)

  5. I looked it up. Ketamine isn’t serotonergic so it should be ok. You should double check

  6. It‘s only safe, if you put them up your boofhole my G

  7. I take Mirtazapine and have no problems.

  8. You’re already taking a break from getting high, it’s just costing you a lot of money in edibles lol

  9. I tried mangos didn’t really do anything :(

  10. Tolerance break looks like the only way bruv. I’m starting mine tonight so join me and we can get through this together

  11. Only ways gonna be a t break unfortunately

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