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  1. Create an etherum address on your ledger (you'll have to install etherum app on it first). Then add some eth on it (for gas fees). Once you do that, get your eth address and send your amp to it. Erc20 tokens like amp are stored on eth addresses.

  2. Hey man, had a question. Once my ledger account is set up on metamask, can I send AMP directly to it by scanning the QR of that ledger account without actually physically connecting my ledger? Basically just scan the qr address and send it?

  3. One last point - you will have to enable "Blind Signing" on your Ethereum App on the Ledger in order to enable any transactions with a smart contract, e.g staking things off Metamask

  4. 7 mil from Tezos a couple of hours ago as well. Wonder what's happening there

  5. You are aware it was over $1 billion before right? It has been dropping for over a year therefore your logic is not sound.

  6. Mine is staked and locked away. It'll remain so - we'll definitely come through this. We've been one of THE MOST compliant projects I've seen so this will get cleared up at some point. What point that is, no one knows. I will continue with my strategy of small DCA, build bag, stake.

  7. If you have a passion for art, I strongly recommend you expand your portfolio of skills to be able to do art for mobile games/apps. And when I say mobile games, that includes being able to design pop-ups, menus, etc. That is an industry that is booming and there are jobs out there.

  8. Was bound to happen with Gemini shutting down. Nothing of concern really.

  9. Yup. If you look at the pools 3 mil+ moved off Gemini in the same period

  10. I'm still at 3.5c because I first discovered the project when it was close to its ATH. Bought all the way up, and I've bought all the way back down and brought it down. I'd love to get it under a cent as well but I'm all out of gas. I just buy a small amount whenever I can, got my first bag staked away. When I build up another bag, that's getting staked too.

  11. How long did it take you guys to remove your staked tokens from Gemini? I've been sitting here for an hour and it's still stuck on the second step where it says "..we are currently unlocking your collateral..."

  12. New Game +. I want to start on a standard farm with all my tools upgraded :/

  13. Quick question, by when will this happen? And do I lose my amp if I don't move them?

  14. Yeah but it's not as though I said it's happening for sure. There's plenty of rabbit holes on this sub, I was just sharing a tweet and trying to get thoughts on it. Plus, given that Flexa already has Shopify on our website it's not as though it was totally unfounded was it?

  15. They are launching internationalisation. I’m in the industry.d basically users can now have multi store/multi currency natively supported.

  16. I know, was heavy speculation but as an over-excited investor it was the first thing that came to mind haha. Thanks for clearing it up though!

  17. I don't. I'm down 90% on my portfolio (came into some money around ATH and got rekt on most of my investments) but I haven't sold a penny.

  18. Don't respond to DMs, and certainly not to this arsehole. It's a scam. Go to the official staking advice thread and you'll get all the info you need

  19. You have nothing to fear, the coinbase wallet could be eradicated from existence but as long as you have your seed phrase your wallet could be restored on any supported wallet platform. Just make sure that the wallet has the ability to interact with smart contracts/web3 apps.

  20. Is there a handy guide to staking through a ledger wallet? I have a ledger nano. Thanks!

  21. Here we go guys. This may not cause the pump, but its one more step towards what we all know this project can be.

  22. What’s your favorite part of that video?

  23. You chisel chinned chad of a human being, me too. Best answer. I really liked 50:10 and after when she asked who flexas competition is, and tylers answer made me squeal like a pig

  24. Hahaha that response made me laugh my ass off. Yeah man the whole thing was illuminating, exciting and really cemented my already huge faith in the team and this project!

  25. Tyler retweeted Stripe's tweet recently. No way this is a coincidence, why would he do that and time it this way? Pretty awesome

  26. Dude I went in the pit lane at Catalunya today, I was first. It refused to refuel and I ended up fucking rage quitting. What gives?

  27. try sending them to another wallet, maybe you are the chosen one?

  28. I think you're right. It seems to be showing my ONE balance as Jewel

  29. Yeah sometimes when you switch networks it continues to show the token from the previous network. Eg after switching from eth to one it would show me having 20 eth (instead of 20 one) and transactions would cost 0.01 eth (instead of 0.01).

  30. Been holding an admittedly humble amount and staked since last year. My only regret is not buying more but the patience is paying off regardless :) congrats to all!

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