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  1. Open up to someone you're comfortable with it'll help you a lot... Just talking about it will help.

  2. Having to pay for a parking spot and internet when you rent an apartment, even if you're not gonna use it.

  3. doug judy would like to know your location

  4. Bhai ye hona normal hai. Is age mein parents ke saath kabhi kabhi heated arguments ho jaate hain, mere bhi hue hain, but the main thing is despite all of this, you have to ensure that you still have a good relationship with them.

  5. But the same thing applies for him too... You can't blindly let someone March over your opinions and interests just bc they're family... He doesn't have to take any blame on this issue. Having your own opinion and voice should be a priority... It's toxic when someone pushes over your opinion without even considering and forcing they're views on them .

  6. Bro talk to her about what you feel... It's the only way to resolve this problem or you'll feel this way even if you try to ignore it . It's better for your mental health to talk honestly about it get a solution for your trouble.

  7. it doesn’t easily catch fire, it takes pretty intense heat to cause the wax to combust. When the wax is solid, it needs enough heat to become molten and turn into a vapour – it is this vapour that keeps the flame and the candle burning.

  8. Wdym by good gf? Just be yourself if he doesn't like it he doesn't deserve you.

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