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  1. LOL then Kansas is way more Texas than Texas, as we carry in bars, K-12 schools, university, etc.. Constitutional open or concealed carry, 18 YO carry, firearms freedom law, stand your ground. We scored last by Brady Center.

  2. At this point, compared to NY, over half of the states might as well be Texas

  3. The Metro areas need to go. They are Liberal magnets. They March with hammer and sickle flags in Austin. It makes me sick.

  4. In all seriousness guys. Texas is a loosing battle. There are so many illegals here operating under flase papers. Biden wants it to happen so they can vote and swing Texas. If Beto gets in, it will be the nail in the coffin. If it happens, my wife and I will be relocating to another state. It sucks but Beto is such a Commie. It will be worse than Cali or NY.

  5. Fuck me man. I had the same thought and opened the comments. This had me rolling.

  6. What you can't make up is that miraculously all the "mass shootings" before the 2022 elections. It's way to coincidental that during the most anti gun administration and the largest push on guns all these shootings start taking off, coupled with the politicization of the FBI. This shit reeks of deep state stalin/hitler like conspiracy.

  7. I think 85% of people - maybe more - will likely point you to 6.5 CM for its flat trajectory and low recoil and/or if you going to be shooting out past 500yrds alot.

  8. So gun manufacturers would probably side with who ever gives up the most money. They’re at the end of the day arms dealers, they’d sell to both.

  9. I hate thinking that. It's hard for me to believe that there aren't any patriotic gun manufacturers.

  10. To back up the claims about the IRS stockpiling ammunition and weapons.

  11. Thanks man. I appreciate this. WTF are tax collectors doing with fully automatic weapons. Yet they want to ban semi autos for the citizens. This is some crazy Stalin/Hitler/Chavez shit. Then the FBI yesterday. Man.... holy shit... we're living the birth of something horrible friends. I'm buying 10 boxes of ammo a week from here on out

  12. A federal agency raids a former and potential national leader to create evidence barring the leader from office in efforts to permanently shut down the opposition.

  13. Yall know how it works with the left, guilty until proven innocent, unless you're a Democrat. You must establish why you need rights, and they get to determine if you get those rights by their interpretation of your character.

  14. My morale would be low to knowing that the heartbeat of many American patriots are beginning to synchronize and my job is slowly becoming the disarmament of said people. I'd be scared shitless also.

  15. There are way bigger fish to fry on other states than a law that protects "gun free zones" in private buisneses in a constitutional carry state.

  16. This isn't a battle on carry rights in Texas. Just a thought. However, just for arguments sake because I love to debate. I would argue that gunfree zones are a primary influence on mass shooters and the lives of yourself and others may be determined by laws protecting gunfree zones. There are bigger fish to fry until hot lead is flying your direction, then the laws that protect evil doers become the most important. So from an outsiders subjective prospective, yes there are bigger fish to fry, but from those who are the subject of evil, the answer is no, there isn't.

  17. Greg Abbott is not an easy sell. Even with republicans. He’s running for a 3rd term after a disastrous 2nd. Going buck wild on authoritarianism. His appeal is to a small group of GQP crazies, not Texas at large.

  18. Meanwhile, the left is using the FBI to label patriots domestic terrorist and raid a former presidents house, trying to disarm its citizens.

  19. Look at that, all the law abiding people just gave into authoritarianism.

  20. Heard! It's like the twilight zone with the ideology in that party.

  21. Our fore fathers wrote the Constitution because even they knew that government is necessary but must be limited. They knew that the American government, once established, would try to get more and more powerful.

  22. Voting in opposition to your constituents should have legal consequences.

  23. That's a scary fucking thought, what the hell are you on? Edit: I swear this said peers instead of constituents earlier. Still fucked up, but peers would be way worse.

  24. As an elected "representative", you're supposed to represent those ideals of the majority who voted you in. That's the whole point of being a representative. I don't understand how changing the lives of those who voted you in by not upholding the values and political beliefs of those same should have no consequence. It's no different than a cop using his authority to smuggle drugs.

  25. Don't aim at the center of the red dot. Aim athe the center bottom edge of the red dot. I like to shoot at diamonds and aim at the corners. It closed groups up sub moa. I have a few groups .25 moa

  26. Crap buy dude. I'll buy it from you for $800 to help you reclaim some of your loss.

  27. It seems like a lot of them are just going now to buy guns, with a very "I don't care if no one else can ever get these again, I got mine and that's all that matters." attitude.

  28. It's exactly what it is. My father, a "liberal gun owner" keeps talking about how we're ok because our guns will be grandfathered in. Fuck that... I won't shoot a grandfathered gun so I'd do best to sell all my semi autos and trade for a different type that I won't shoot until I need it.

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