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  1. Ass so phat it warps space/time so you physically can't move past it.

  2. Capybaras seem to be welcomed by nearly all other critters they encounter. I don’t exactly know what kind of ongoing superhero comic could be made about being incredibly chill and likeable, but there are certainly worse ideas.

  3. Id read the shit out of "Capy the Cape". His rogues gallery wouldn't even be criminals, just dudes in various states of unchill. "Hey dude, can you like... not? Its a monday, no one needs this."

  4. I'm gonna say something mildly controversial, but I've been enjoying the minute to minute combat of DT more than I did VT. It feels more impactful to me, for reasons I haven't been able to put into words. I always felt a weird "disconnect" from my characters actions in VT

  5. Both me and my friend feel exactly the same.

  6. Darktide 1.0 Launch Edition Patchnotes:

  7. I've more or less only played Zealot until last night, and i agree with basically everything here.

  8. "If I have to shoot through a crowd of quarians to defend myself..."

  9. If youve got a good group, then T3/malice seems best. Its not too hard, but theres always the chance pubs can fail it.

  10. Is' okay, Grug. Bung is also afraid of dark, too. But baus keep us safe with ifni- infinini- fifintry... Shooty rifle with lamp.

  11. Zealot and Ogryn melee should be stronger. Im basing this off of Veteran melee potential but still.

  12. I agree. Even with a pretty godly roll on my chainaxe, a weapon used by Khorne Berserkers to take down Space Marines, there are times in Malice+ where im not killing base mobs in one hit.

  13. I have Veteran, Zealot, and Psycher at level 30 and I can say without a doubt; this is a bad take. Zealots have WAY more survivability than any other class (save a shield Ogryn). I can solo encounters on Zealot at T4 while my Veteran can't even solo T3 encounters. Veteran relies too heavily on ammo and not engaging, meanwhile I can knife 2000 things a second on my Zealot and still have a braced auto to clear/suppress large groups and specials. I literally use my dash every 3 seconds with the 1.5s reduction on crit level 30 feat. This is just a bad take imo, but you do you bb.

  14. Zealot also has a few bonuses people overlook, like clutch revives and breaking rough ranged engagements.

  15. Yup. Not even cinema got the solution for this, and they have the privilege of not running in real time

  16. I think the key is to just try and do what the MCU did with Thanos. It's not about making a perfectly realistic, 100 flawless replica of the human visage.

  17. I might've gotten a weird roll, but I could swear it also cleaved fewer targets... but thats comparing the Catachan heavy sweep with the Heavy Sword lights, so I'm probably expecting too much.

  18. Nah, its not just a weird roll. Ive tried and bought 5 different ones at this point. Including 3 blues with some pretty stellar blessings.

  19. It's an SCP at this point. (self circulating pies, obviously)

  20. He's being a bit hyperbole. On top of that, today they released a pretty sizeable patch, addressing a huge number of issues, including some of the most common connection/disconnection issue, and general gameplay stability. This patch also included a decent number of reworks and rebalances to a lot of class balance issues the community brought up only a few days ago.

  21. It’s the foundation of “why would a building-sized mecha have an enormous powerfist weapon instead of just another ranged weapon” in 40k. Primarily, because giant combat weapons look rad, in-universe because shielding technology is really good so sometimes you’ve just got to punch

  22. Also, ammo and energy are not actually limitless resources. Running out of either for your gun makes it useless.

  23. I think switching between hip fire/aim fire is bugged, or at least janky on a few guns. Like the braced autorifle (the one with bashing for its skill) has a really painful "hiccup" when you "aim" it. You basically have to stop shooting between hip & aim fire.

  24. No idea. The game's full scope isnt released yet. They've stated theyre slow rolling out content until the 30th, the game's official launch.

  25. Its day 1 of the pre-release beta. They'll get to it, but this is the price of playing before the game's even launched.

  26. Well at least I’m not the only one I guess, I wonder what the issue is? I just want to shoot some heretics in the face

  27. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me crashes seem tied to fire based enemiea or damage. The 3 crashes I've had were all while i was taking fire damage, or a Tox Flamer was attacking.

  28. No need to speak, either. We'll be retrieving your thoughts forcefully

  29. Execute me if you must Inquisitor. But please, spare your psyker. He doesnt deserve to see the heresy that infects my kind.

  30. I think Elden Ring is the sure winner. Father of Child is great, but its not flawless or innovative. Its more Son if Man. Which is great, but we've had it for dinner last night. And everyone knows leftovers can be better than fresh.

  31. Unrelated to the whole Child of Man/Elders Circle brawl, but im glad "I was a Teenage Exocolonist" made it onto a list. It was really enjoyable, and a great change of pace from the kind of generic kinetic novels that get pushed out by the billion.

  32. Memories are unreliable too and not all information is stored. Can you imagine accessing someones old memory and it's like a gmod server with error messages everywhere?

  33. Theres also the fact people see/recall things in their mind differently. When you think of "an apple", it could be just the vague concept of what an apple is. Sweet, crisp, more spherical than boxy. Red or green. The idea of an apple.

  34. Glad it's finally gonna be officially available to watch, but can we get a physical release please. Nozomi, Discotek, G-Kids, whoever the fuck. Don't leave me hanging.

  35. On a similar note, if you spend enough time running everywhere (which I did, because it’s a video game and why would I walk), Kim brings it up at the end

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