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  1. But how do i get the scarlet exclusives to other account to transfer them

  2. You mean on the app in the nintendo? Because theres also a app in the phone

  3. Both. I use the phone app. It can do surprise. Trades and trades for specific mon. It’s how I got the shiny charm in SWord

  4. Trying to see if I can get a second shiny roaring moon, they're rather difficult, only one place to find them and 2 other dragon spawns there as well lol. Keep in touch

  5. Np. I dont know if roaring moon is the same as Iron Valiant but my choosing the right meal, it was the only spawn in the final cave.

  6. Oh and ya, my first try at shiny roaring moon I got shiny zweilous and espeon lol

  7. I failed on treads. Trying again. I can do valiant dor moon now and keep u up to date on others

  8. Beat game (including area zero stuff), beat all gyms a second time, win academy ace tournament, get call from jacq to host (not just join others) a bunch of 5 star raids

  9. Ty. Looks like I still have more post game to do!

  10. Shiny! My comment is in! Awesome. Just caught a spare Iron Valiant shiny myself.

  11. Dumb question. Has anyone filled in the black and see if it has some secret sentences?

  12. The black only skips letters from words. If you figure out the words, you figure out the whole saying.*

  13. I meant to the blacked out lettings for some secret within a secret :)

  14. My niece is named violet. I wish she was named Scarlet. It was rough finding trade partners. Consequently, I got the double pack and will give it to my son for Christmas

  15. Must account for the tera type while also balancing the boss’s original type. Can lead to some painful battles

  16. Are shinies more common in this game than other pokemon games? I've already found 3 different shinies doing my regular playthrough. So far I've caught shiny donphan, hawlucha and bronzor.

  17. Same odds but you now can “see” them overworld. This makes you less likely to miss it and there are more pokemon out and about. More mon means better odds.

  18. Has anyone had any luck catching an Applin? Every time I come across one in the overworld it disappears. I’ve tried just about everything and I just get even get an encounter with one for some reason.

  19. I found one in a tree in the thicket area on eastern side where the forest is painted

  20. Violet player here. Great find! Shiny food works well?

  21. We did complain about the graphics. Where are all the people saying PLA was amazing graphics? Gameplay great, graphics was bad but it didnt have as many game crashing bugs though

  22. Not expected, chuckled and pleasantly surprised. Upvote you go

  23. I liked the Path of titans story and think the game as a whole would translate well into the anime. I was spoiled on Path of titans some but still was left a little surprised.

  24. Got my first today. Shiny Bisharp that is now a Kingambit. Still haven’t finished the game. Tink will have to learn to get along with it

  25. I went to Ice before Ghost. Tink still crushed it

  26. The internet is always toxic. This game’s specs are bad and there is no denying it. It is actually unacceptable. It the game fun? Yup but man they need the shiny sound and sparkles again

  27. Sigh I wish I had seen this earlier. I will need a duck. I just got my ditto so have fuecoco and sprigs

  28. He needs Tinakaton who gets jealous when Ash sees another pokemon and cracks him upside the head

  29. I am enjoying it even with the faults. Maybe I am the problem but I like the raids and only about level 30 with my mon and having fun

  30. There was a war and most of civilization was destroyed. We are bringing things back but still lack the luxury of large metropolitan areas with multiple schools

  31. I lost count of how many times I accidentally stepped on a smaller Pokémon. They’re so hard to see when they walk around in tall grass…

  32. My son couldn’t stop laughing as I kept hitting that little cricket mon

  33. Is there a way to favorite you pokemon so they can’t be accidentally released?

  34. Yes. Am I still enjoying it? Yes! Am I the problem? Always!

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