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  1. Did this happen in London? Or outside of London? Because I think there’s a big difference in the level of racism from my experience. Very low in London and high outside.

  2. Outside London. I never saw any racism in London whilst living there for over 20 years.

  3. Phew. Thanks for confirming. That’s my experience and that of my friends too. London is very different from the rest of the U.K.

  4. Absolutely. That place is the epitome of a melting pot. Over-crowding and youth crime are it's main issues.

  5. Understand the outrage but there is so much going on behind these kids and you just can’t place all the blame on the parents. How many times are these families going to be say middle/upper class families with stable jobs and financial circumstances?

  6. Currently too many parents see their kids as 'just doing what their mates do and being part of the culture'. This death cult is not a part of growing up and it's not a part of anyone's culture. If you cannot educate your kids then you are as at fault as they are. If you try and educate and do your best then say so. Talk about the struggle so that other parents can learn from it.

  7. I guess i disagree just on the “do so” point. I’ve seen victims and perpetrators parents speak out i’ve heard how much it haunts them, especially from single mothers (dads not even in the picture).

  8. I've seen perpetrators but their parents are never publicised. They are kids and their parents should be there to educate them to do better than this. Get them to understand that killing someone to end up in prison should not even be on their radar. It's in no way a badge of honour, like many think it is. These kids are feckless and murderers but who let them roam the streets and act like this?

  9. Sucking this hard without even pausing for breath isn't easy. Kudos to this man for his resillience and admirable breathing technique.

  10. He did what he thought was right. That testosterone and the disrespectful nature of Rocks joke forced his hand..literally. Only thing I would say is this, he does not need to be punished, cancelled or seek redemption. He just needs to move on and keep going. If people choose not to watch him for whatever reason, so be it. He chose this path and eventually his talent will either win out or fade away. He has celebrity, never ending funds and a good life. I'm not out here feeling sorry for anybody.

  11. I'm not bothered by anything that person said. They sound ignorant and as stupid af. I dread to even think of what they believe the 'traditional black family' is.

  12. I don't get that there is anything wrong with this. She had a crush on him and got him! I'd have done the same if I could and so would most other people. Good for her.

  13. This would have flown under the fashion world radar had it not been highlighted by that grotesque excuse of a man. Imagery sexualising children has long been around and I'm sure many Designer labels are currently quaking in their Miu Miu open toed boots about campaigns in their past that may now get some attention. Balenciaga need to seriously clean up their act and remove children from adult campaigns. Also they need look at who they hire because that paperwork in the campaign was placed by someone with an agenda that leaves children open to abuse.

  14. I don't have a dream train but if i did, it wouldn't be stopping at a station that had loudspeaker train announcements.

  15. Kathy is so 🔥 I wish I'd been more aware of her when I was younger and not just the iconic parts she played.

  16. Also check out the film Nil By Mouth written and directed by Gary Oldman. They are both in it alongside other Oldman family members and it's harrowing but beautifully acted. She's is an absolute National Treasure.

  17. I know people are going to give you lots of advice about meeting up with people in social groups and that's partly helpful but I'm going to add a little extra for you. Go and volunteer a little of your time for your local community. From walking a dog for an elderly person because they can't anymore to making a phone call once a week to talk to someone who is lonely. I promise this will help you feel part of something bigger than just you. If the first thing you choose is not for you find an alternative. Someone out there needs you to be here.

  18. Trump tolerated Ye whilst it was conducive for him to do so. He never saw Ye as an equal and had no respect for pretend Lawyer Kim who he now calls abusive names in front of her ex husband. Both Kim and Ye are looking like donkeys Trump rode for LOLS.

  19. I'm not sure why this is seen as an abuse of power or in any way abusive. She's a woman and he kissed her. I'm sure he done questionable things but this isn't one of them. I watched him on Chicken Shop and I get the feeling he is too aware of himself, almost playing a role he has created to meet the expectations of his fans. Like he reads their every comment and then tries to live up to whatever version of him they have concocted. There was nothing authentic about him at all.

  20. Must be hard to find yourself in all that noise. Social Media will create a personality for you if you're no longer sure who you are and that creation in time will disappear the real you and replace it with fandom fuckery.

  21. I disagree with them removing it. I would like to see it used to teach the history and the racism, sexism etc that comes with the collection. I'd like to see this taught in schools.

  22. In Wandsworth there are two Youngs pub's opposite each other. The Spread Eagle and The Ram Inn. To this day I have not found anyone that thinks it is as funny as I do.

  23. I literally thought Id just made it up. Gutted one already exists, but would happily pop in if passing. I'm going to have to go with The Legs Akimbo.

  24. So she attended private schools was talented and ended up in a role with some great actors. Faux outrage is just so ridiculous, especially in this case where the comment has obviously gone over the persons head and their lack of understanding is clear for everyone to see.

  25. Louis Farrakhan and anti-Semitism are closely linked, he shares the same philosophy as the Far Right., who believe their enemy is firstly Jewish people. This is the journey Kanye is now on. He has been closely groomed and is now following the Farrakhan way. When people vote for Kanye they also vote for White Supremacy.

  26. I'm unsure why this is even in question. This action was frivolous and unnecessary. People need to make their own choices and Heidi's parents made theirs and she is here, married and living her life. But this isn't about Heidi, this is about the many people who are not Heidi's parents who need to make their own choice. It's their journey. Heidi should in no way be affected by their choices as I'm not affected by my mother's choice to have a termination before she had me. It doesn't make me feel any less of a person. The law allowed her to do it and she chose for herself.

  27. Get you and your baby somewhere safe and get him psychological help.

  28. I believe she identifies as Black-Latina. If you want to know why she made the list just look up her role playing the magnificent Nina Simone.

  29. I look like my father. My nostrils could wrestle this man into submission and I'm damn proud of it too.

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