1. I'd advise to never celebrate a holiday with them, they will take one as all. Especially do not go over if you've already said no to it once. Stay firm.

  2. Yta. Both you and the teacher are though. You should put things back where they go. The teacher shouldn't make such a big deal out of it. They should just have you place it back where it goes, but if you're doing it on purpose, which you are, some sort of discipline should happen, like you have to write an essay on the book or something else fitting like that.

  3. There'd be spacing to separate each ellipsis.

  4. It's petty. Lol. But I'd also think it's just petty enough for her to be working to save money up for a divorce too. Seen it happen more than a few times.

  5. Look up what your town/city or nearby has, like attractions, is there a zoo, botanical garden, aquarium, walking trail, hiking trails, art museum, any museums. Skating rink, carriage rides, historical places.

  6. Color safe bleach-its peroxide based, not chlorine.

  7. Sounds like you do have time, you're just not using it wisely and don't have the motivation to clean. You say you work full time, but that usually means 5 days of work so there's two days a week you don't, and Univ 4-5 days for 4 hr, sounds like there is time for you to clean. Even on a day you have both, that leaves 12 hrs, 8 for sleeping then 4 others, say even if 3 of those are for commuting and doing things like eating and showering, that leaves 1, even if you take 10-15 mins and start to clean, eventually things will be cleaned up (maybe a week). Then once things are cleaned up- don't let it get messy again. Put stuff up immediately after use, do the dishes right after using, stay on top of things don't just put off. If you say "but I'm never home!" If was true home wouldn't be messy.

  8. If you check my last post there’s a ton of comments about how it’s a southern thing so idk

  9. I'm from the south, and idk what part of the south, I've never heard it being a southern thing.

  10. Not a myth, for anyone. For penis havers, there's the prostate that's stimulated, and then for vagina havers the angle in for anal lines up well to rub through to stimulate the gspot. Along with the nerve endings around the anus, it makes it where anyone could have an orgasm from anal play/sex.

  11. Is it the g spot that’s being stimulated? I thought it was the posterior fornix.

  12. Possible for some, but for me, it's the gspot

  13. Downside is when you were conventionally attractive but then start aging, having kids, changes happen and you lose your looks. You stop getting your privileges anymore. That hurts.

  14. I’m around 40 and that unfortunately hasn’t stopped for me. I don’t want it anymore. I thought it would stop by now. I just want to be left alone and thought of as a regular human being.

  15. Pros and cons, I'm 44 now, and I do miss the perks, but being left alone and not having to deal with bullshit can be good. But I wouldn't mind an occasional throwback perk.

  16. Dh needs to step up and say something to her (maybe even both of them), that a boundary is to not call your baby "her baby". Maybe even cover the keeping hands to themselves too if that bothered you.

  17. Easier cleanup, because sometimes shit happens.

  18. Have your wedding the way you want. She, at best, will be an invited guest. (If she even gets invited, you don't have to invite her). If she, a guest, chooses to not go that's on her.

  19. Yes I agree text back so if it ever gets to the point of court both sides on on the text and not just mils story

  20. 2 months is a small amount of time. If he really is trying to guilt you into not taking a once in a lifetime opportunity, then he isn't being supportive and he himself is the one being selfish.

  21. A w on each check so when you bend over it says WOW.

  22. Eh, everyone involved is a bit tAH. If you have prescriptions that means you've been to the Dr. Why not get the Dr to write a letter to the school/teacher excusing you from PE?

  23. She is not your guest if she's inviting herself over.

  24. Nta, with a teeny tiny little bit of AH in there. I assume you also love and wanted to marry him for all the right reasons and not just the petty mil stuff.

  25. You definitely do not bring it up to her.

  26. Nta. Keep the niece's rsvp. You committed to her first anyway. But also if your 'daughter' wants to mend the relationship, she needs to do it on regular days and not just on holidays. But tbh, I doubt she really wants to mend or fix anything for the better. You may want to consider reducing support to her, she's an adult and she has other supports she can lean on that appears to be what she prefers anyway

  27. Might just have to look into this 😂 I have an aunt who is Wiccan that would love to help me

  28. Oooh yes. A binding spell might be best!

  29. He's being a racist asshole, you deserve better. If was me in that situation I'd dump him.

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