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  1. Why tf did you ask her when and where she got it? You don't deserve a girlfriend

  2. Oh, and I am now $1000s in debt because of the birth control. I cannot afford the side effects of birth control lmfao.

  3. Well, if you took the time, you might've understood how wrong you are and maybe try to debunk my arguments. But instead you downvoted me and went "I'm not reading all this". You could've at least read the Tl;dr, but nooooo, you decided to throw all common sense out of the way, and continue being stupid all the way.

  4. I've spent years researching how to have the healthiest life possible, sex life included. I spend a lot of time spreading my gospel about it, I don't really have the energy to elaborate further today 🤷🏽‍♀️ be mad. Keep watching your porn. Doesn't bother me. Funny how me not watching porn bothers you so much tho

  5. I didn’t mean to say ‘happy’ I think i fell asleep before submitting this Lol I meant to say ‘I did this within..’😅😂

  6. Thanks so much, I did gain a bit of stomach, but thats because I slowed down on working out since I’m at the shape I want😆🥹

  7. You can be skin & bones with a flat tummy, or you can be healthy babe. Love that bod.

  8. I don’t think a 2 year old is capable of understanding FaceTime.

  9. My one year old facetimes her dad every night. She says hi daddy! Love you! Byeeeeee

  10. The account that's beetlejuicing has to be at least a month old so we know they didn't just create it for the comment

  11. I totally agree with you! I even had a neighbour who I’ve met once during the five years living at our house pre baby, tell me I was locking baby up because she hadn’t met him yet at 4 months.

  12. Jokes aside though, probably need to talk to a professional to sort that out if you can't figure it out on your own or with the help of those close to you. No shame in it, we should always strive to be the best us.

  13. I don't know if you'll believe this or not, but our interaction did prompt me to seek help. I have an appointment with a shrink at 1pm today 🥰 thank you.

  14. Hey, I'm happy for you! I'd urge you to remember that therapists aren't always right, and it's okay to shop around a bit if you don't click. I wish you the best of luck, and my DMs are open if you need any tips, or just someone to read your thoughts for a minute :)

  15. You are so kind! I really appreciate this. (I absolutely loved her though, luckily! We'll see how it goes in the long run.)

  16. Your dad covering the rest of the cost does not cover the cost of insurance, gas, and maintenance. You cannot afford a Corvette.

  17. We have a good view of how US is. Do you think that Ohio is a good place to live?

  18. Ohio is one of the poorest, least educated, states in the country. It is not good.

  19. Just to elaborate these proposals weren’t within a month. Within a few months maybe but closer to a year, I’d say.

  20. My comment was just to say these weren’t proposals after a month of dating.

  21. Why fucking talking about it with your girl friends on the first place?! You wouldn't like it if your partner talked about you two's sex life to his friends, would you?

  22. I literally do not care what my partner does or says with his friends. I don't care at all. That's his life to live, his friends to share it with, and his conversations to have.

  23. Gossip is spreading lies/exaggerations about other people. Only middle schoolers participate in that. At least where I am!

  24. I am horrified that you are a mother. You are cruel, bitter, and completely out of line. That girl is more family than you.

  25. I worried if I would hate it, and it turns out I judt hate taking care of babies and toddlers. I was out of the woods by the time she learned to talk, and now I love being a mom.

  26. Blew my mind when I found out friends can shave that fast - my skin will just be ripped raw if I don't shave slowly. And my hair, on my head, hahaha this shit is so fucking thick I can't shampoo it once and get it clean, it's gotta be twice. Not conditioning is not an option.

  27. Girl yes! So, recently, while battling PPD the last year +1/2, I started up a whole system. About 4 months ago I took a 2~ hour long shower and I did everythingggg, all of it. Borderline torture. Ever since, I shave one part of my body every shower. Day 1- wash bod & shave pits, Day 2- wash bod & hair Day 3 - wash bod & shave legs Day 4 - wash bod & shave pits, and so on. My showers are still 15min this way and I also get to give myself all the confidence boosts of smooth skin. (Don't know if that's something you're even interested in, but I thought I'd share in case it is!)

  28. Shit, I've conditioned and shaved during my shower in under 10 for sure! 😂 You end up getting into a process that maximizes your time when you have so little of it to yourself, lol

  29. I have thick body hair and waist long head hair, there is no way in hell I can wash and shave that in 10. So jealous. You wildin girly, get it.

  30. I read the dudes u/ like four times before realizing that is not a tag. I'm probably gon be one of the clueless 40yr olds, damnit. All it took was one reddit comment for me to see my entire future. Every time.

  31. I am actually tearing up. I don't know why it did that to me. Thank you for sharing!! So much. All the thanks.

  32. I watched about 20sex of that and am now completely convinced this isn't even a word

  33. You use a whole lot of fancy words, to say a whole lot of nothing. I mean, what?

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