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  1. You would think with so many people looking it up the usage would be getting more accurate, but it still feels inappropriate 90% of the times I see it.

  2. I think if anything popularizing a more obscure word will tend to "flanderize" its definition into something somewhat different. Kind of like how literally is used.

  3. Eh...there's not really much resemblance. Also this bumper is shown in the Defunctland video at 12:17

  4. Finally got around to playing Bloodborne recently, BOY does that whip put in work.

  5. It's not for everyone but I love that goddamn threaded cane. Started my love of whips in Souls/Elden Ring.

  6. Most AI still isn't as good as this video. If I had to guess, the narrator in Disco Elysium just really doesn't convey that much emotion, so it's way easier for an AI to mimic compared to like, tf2 demoman. If everything being said is already in the same tone then the AI saying everything in the same tone is unnoticable.

  7. It probably helps that there is so much recorded material for the narrator and he uses a highly varied vocabulary as well.

  8. Absolutely. Give me a goddamn Silent Hill beat em up please

  9. I stumbled across the Wikipedia article for the shooting and immediately thought of this scene, and realised they must be connected. I still don't get the origin of the postman producing an assault rifle and starts firing back at him though, that remains a mystery

  10. Tl;Dw Breath of Life is a <1 charge parry now and does 25 flat damage using the holy rays from before and 3.5 contact damage. It can parry projectiles and contact damage but holding down the button still damages you like before. I knew some items are getting reworked because of that reddit tournament that McMillen commented on. This makes Breath of Life not completely terrible and now just kind of bad. 25 flat damage isn't great and if you ever have to rely on it because of poor stats you'll be having the slowest and possibly most boring run of your life.

  11. Hey, at least it can have some niche use cases now as opposed to being a totally dead item. I like it.

  12. Uncommon Hard Drive L, Cavil openly loves the Witcher

  13. I clicked on this thread specifically to write a comment about the film business during the Great Depression.

  14. Tony: “Sil, break it down for 'em. What two businesses have historically been recession proof since time immemorial?”

  15. That's not the right attitude, the easier missions should be doable by everyone, only harder syndicates and those added optional "complications" should make it impossible but for a few players.

  16. The whole point of this Freelancer mode IMO is to increase the stakes in a way that is difficult to do without some kind of loseable progress like a roguelike mode. I don't think you can achieve the same feeling without that aspect.

  17. It absolutely explains it, which is why you keep resorting to childish insults lmao

  18. I really can't believe there are people around the internet actually doing the "That's all?" and "That's not that bad." thing when discussing Takahiro Sakurai. His behavior is indefensible.

  19. Put it this way, would you expect someone who cheated on his wife to get fired from his job as a result? In most cases, no, it's a personal matter and they're gonna deal with whatever fallout there is there. If it bleeds into the professional side of things like hiring someone to be a writer on his show then it's murkier, but in general I am not too interested in the personal lives of voice actors and such.

  20. Can we form the Franconigerian empire?

  21. What does that have to do with anything? Can no one be criticized because they might have ancestors that were killed?

  22. Because in the real world people's emotional reactions and responses are dictated by historical and social context? How is this hard for some people to understand? Do you also want an explanation for why "white power" is considered more offensive than "black power"?

  23. Feel like Internet Historian is not the best authority on whether something is racist

  24. It seems rather silly to think that the problem of the "strong ruling the weak" has somehow gotten worse than an idyllic time in the past when it wasn't that way.

  25. They put this together as her final scene since she died mid-production.

  26. I would prefer the game to be more stable on PC before they started adding new graphical features.

  27. If Ray Tracing doesn't come with DLSS what's even the point

  28. Woolie labbed for hours. Pat hit it on the first try, villain, the worst guy.

  29. Spot low attacks like spot a pair of fat asses.

  30. Kanji is absolutely bi. He is the worst discourse because half the people will be mad he's not exclusively gay and the other half will insist he's just a straight confused gigachad while ironically ignoring the game just as much as the other camp.

  31. Naoto's story makes unambiguous references to gender identity and gender dysphoria. The "body alteration procedure" Shadow Naoto talks about that will help her become a "cool man" and bridge the gap of the sexes is, at least partially, sex reassignment. She binds her chest and dresses in boys' clothing in a conscious effort to be treated as male by the rest of the world.

  32. I agree with the last sentence, but I think it's a bit disingenuous to ignore the part where she's pretty explicitly doing this only because she does not believe she'll be taken seriously as a woman in this field, as "anime JRPG" as that is (not sure what you're trying to say with that, tbh)

  33. Because nothing about Naoto being a precocious teenage detective genius assisting the police with homicide investigations makes sense outside of the context of anime. Her behaviors are a lot more relatable to a contemporary/modern audience as the story of a transman vs someone who is just trying to fit in as a celebrity high school detective.

  34. Its not like he had much choice. If he didn't play capitalist games Disco Elysium never would've come out to begin with.

  35. I think it will be a long time before something tops this. One of the most popular and beloved TV shows of all time ends with what is regarded by both critics and fans as one of the worst final seasons of any show ever to the point that it may have ended or at least indefinitely derailed the careers of the show runners. They went from Star Wars bound and highly regarded to jobless in 6 episodes.

  36. GoT S8 is almost impressive in how monumentally bad it is. It's an uninterrupted string of disappointing endings that retroactively ruin characters and plots with years of build-up, to the point that the meticulously crafted universe seems to completely collapse to an onslaught of rushed illogic. Highgarden, the wealthiest kingdom in Westeros, is given to a sellsword with no noble family ties because he threatened a disinherited dwarf with a crossbow.

  37. So just to clarify, Kender only owns something like 14% of the company (or maybe one of the??? companies.) 85% is owned by Fortress Occident Holdings, which is mostly Margus Linnamäe and Ilmar Kompus and maybe other investors?

  38. A game of this magnitude has many writers, but I don't see how you can read Kurvitz' "Outro" piece and not recognize a deep similarity to a lot of the writing in the game. It's clearly significantly the same voice, at least some of it.

  39. Sperm 1: I can't wait to be born! I hope I am a boy!

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