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  1. Alternative health shops may have these candle like thing you light on fire and the wax gets sucked up then pull out, unpeel and you can look at the wax! Weird but effective!

  2. Complete pseudoscience I'm afraid. Those candles have been proven to do more bad then good. Supported by various studies and investigations. The ' wax ' found afterwards is very often candle residue. Upon inspection of patient's ears, wax still shown to be present and now mixed with candle residue.

  3. Bob was tripping on acid seriously bad and talking to bees.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. I just bought this headset today and it says to charge using usb port of laptop. Can I use wall charger or battery bank, as my laptop has died. Thanks in advance ☺️

  5. Hey, charging with laptop is not necessary. Normally you should have a socket plug and cable supplied with the headset. The included cable is very short though. Probably to minimize listening whilst charging to insure maximum charge. They can be charged with any compatible USB cable though. Happy listening 😊

  6. Thanks so much for prompt reply. There was no socket in the box so I guess I can just use phone charger socket. Yeh that cord is short as! Instructions not very specific either. Oh well, thanks again, you eased my mind heaps. 😊

  7. I've just checked and indeed you're correct, the socket I'm using is my own and wasn't included in the pack 😁 enjoy my dude.

  8. Best of luck, I tried to sell two at a decent discount. Last I checked there were still tickets on TM.

  9. They're now sold out but I've a feeling I'll have trouble selling also.

  10. Wait, did he actually get his hands nailed for real?

  11. My favourite is the “Googler” / “Noogler” who introduces themselves as such, not realising you do not give a fuck what this is and just want to punch them in the face for not speaking normally

  12. Basically a lot of tech workers. You meet them for the first time and you ask them what they do.

  13. Lol "female focused abuse" are you serious. Because I used the word bitch ? Dude you're desperate and trying to save face.

  14. Bitch isn't a male focused word sadly. You know that yourself. A term used for female canines we all know that. However it is also negatively associated with people who identify as female. Goodnight.

  15. At the risk of asking a stupid question, would the freezing temperatures keep the bodies along the mountain from smelling foul?

  16. It wouldn't stop the smell of decomposition but it can def delay it. You'd have to be around the body often enough I guess to he exposed to the smell.

  17. Looks like he just accepted his fate once he realized he was running out of oxygen

  18. Depressing but yeah probs. Taking shelter probs beat trying to find help.

  19. Nothing like a quiet solo pint or two with a book for me…I rarely get the randoms bothering me (probably because I’m An Old and can have some good RBF if need be)…have been doing it for decades, whether I was living here, the US or UK…it’s a nice break.

  20. Nice to hear of a different experience 🙂 glad it has been ok for you these days by an far.

  21. Purely my own experience, but having worked in a bar from 18 and now do the door of one 11 years on.

  22. Different perspective. Cheers for that ! Also happens absolutely.

  23. They've evolved into politicians and banking chiefs.

  24. That's a terrible insult to the little wasp fellas.

  25. If they're reading this I'll be stung big time.

  26. Sleep well. It is ok to be sad and to talk about Aron all the time even if he is no longer here. Some of us go to sleep early and some of us go to sleep late, but eventually we all must sleep. Sleep well Aron.

  27. Can't believe such a well known story gets 10k + upvotes.

  28. Investor here. But you can forget about short term profits for the moment. We're in bearish mode. Invest, and give the market time to improve.

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