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  1. Update: Tbh we were all more worried about the cake in the moment. Yes, he got off with just a quick lick due to my ninja quick reflexes 😝 but the picture of us captured here just when I was about to blow out my candles, is just pure puppy retrieverness and I thought I would share the joy of laughter. No puppies were hurt in the making of this accidental reniassance moment. Thanks for all your concern😊

  2. Thanks for sharing! A quick lick of cake like that won’t do much except taste delicious

  3. My top rec’s have already been said, but it might be worth looking into

  4. Most have been said, but the opening morning with Earl and Val. Stampede, breakfast debate, first RPS throw.

  5. Hahahahah I forgot about the number question and retort. Damn I love this movie.

  6. Prometheus is so far from claiming that title. The scene with the biologist actually came across as quite realistic to me-a literal biologist. If you’ve met a field biologist and seen how they interact with dangerous animals, it’s not far off at all. And also, why the hell would someone know what those eggs are and think they’re dangerous? Their machines showed the air was clean.

  7. Totally agree. I remember being wayyyy more frustrated at the actions of the scientists in Life (2017). Honestly can’t recall the exact details but only that even as an entry level biologist, these “experts” were making the most illogical, lack of common sense decisions during the “rising action” part of the film.

  8. I’m not a field biologist, but the ones I know treat every animal like a puppy (namely shark and reptilian biologists). This is because they know they aren’t as dangerous as they seem and they want to dispel the stereotype of “scary” looking animals. I don’t think it’s far fetched at all for a biologist to wrongfully extend that demeanor to alien life

  9. An office style mockumentary of a prison might actually be a good show, with a prison guard like dwight

  10. Reno 911! was damn close and funny as hell. Fairly similar style of humor too

  11. Google is the leading cryptocurrency miner. In fact, they just bought Nvidia for more GPUs.

  12. Lol I’d be shocked if they understood > 3 words of this comment but were stumped at “Google”

  13. Did you not get crushes at 15? Or feel attracted to people? It’s no different for gay people than straight people. Common sense…

  14. Not to mention the added stress of family members/friends potentially being ignorant and hateful.

  15. Yeah sorry but this one’s on you. They offered, you never followed up. So you wanted them to offer and hunt you down to see if you still needed the ride? Nope it doesn’t work that way.. people are busy and distracted, I’m sure if you would’ve reached out they would’ve came though. Next time !

  16. In hindsight, it would not have hurt to text them. Regardless, this is not flat out on me.

  17. I'm sorry you had a shit week. To be honest with you, this could go either way. In my opinion, there are three possible scenarios here.

  18. Appreciate that! I’m kinda 50:50 on it being number 2. At the very least it’s probably frustrating me more than it should.

  19. everyone in the room inhales through gritted teeth with a ftshftshftshftsh 😬😬😬

  20. Super late, but you’re not being too sensitive. I’ve had it happen even as a white male, and it’s absolutely maddening.

  21. Are there any other specific parts or things you have found that I should check/consider that can help indicate if replacing the subframe is worth it and not tip of the repairs iceberg?

  22. I legit watched this video a few times because I was convinced that was an actual person

  23. This is awesome!!! I see nothing wrong with artistic freedom, though you may want to correct your typo of “Hodag” if you actually mean “hugag”.

  24. The thud adds to it in ways that cannot be described

  25. Most extreme “pitter patter” still doesn’t do it justice

  26. Impossible choice. Everyone has their moments. I voted for The McPoyles because that includes numerous characters haha

  27. So hard for me. I was torn between the McPoyles and Cricket. McPoyles make laugh so hard. But I feel more empathy for poor Cricket - who also makes me laugh

  28. Yeah absolutely you wouldn’t be able to convict Vecna. (Let’s not get into the logistics of jurisdiction of the Upside Down; and there certainly is no extradition from TUD to bring Vecna to an Indiana Court.)

  29. Lol wtf. Do people seriously think they’re going to convict Vecna???

  30. Definitely hard to charge someone with murder if there’s no body…

  31. Sure looks a lot like Mordor. Maybe a bit like Mustafar.

  32. I think it’ll mellow out in time. The new season just came out and people are trying to process either a beloved character’s fate and/or new scenes having a major impact on how key events are now supposed to be interpreted - some events were as long as 6 years ago (S1).

  33. Is that gate center at the library? Rewatching s1, Joyce and Hop find Will there? I wonder what that means, if anything..

  34. Good catch! I bet that is a factor. Demogorgon is quick but that is still a hike to drag your victims from where it was loitering. Plus the gate opening there - if anything I imagine it’s just easier for anything that hatches to go straight in the human world

  35. Season 1 of Stranger Things is my favorite season of ANY television series, ever.

  36. Brenner was revealed to be involved in Mk-Ultra in S1 when Hopper and his team are at the library looking into Dr Brenner and Hawkins National Laboratory.

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