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  1. The reason why I can't exercise inside, is because the people that I live with say that me walking around creates tons of noise for them. And I don't really have the resources to go to a gym either. And the nearest one is like a half hour away or so from me.

  2. Well, besides the cars that use my road as their own raceway, it's pretty safe. There are crime sprees that happen from time to time too. But that's it.

  3. Also walk on the opposite side you would drive so you can see cars coming your way and get out of their way. I usually walk with 1 earbud in.

  4. The speculation lol. Do you think the united states is ready to stop even a single icbm? It's near impossible to intercept ICBMs. We run our ships into civilian ships ffs

  5. I said above 50%, not below 50%. I don't understand why you're having such a hostile and shitty manner of conversation about this.

  6. Just say 103.8. The remaining numbers are rounding errors.

  7. Sad thing is, is we may well be saying that unironically next year. Makes me think of that video of the Soviet "grocery" store that was floating around a few years ago where the store was like 15% full if that, and people were rushing the workers bringing out trollies of pasta.

  8. I have maintained since the first months of the pandemic that the utter failure of the USA to respond to COVID seriously was kind of a "don't say the quiet part out loud" program to kill off vulnerable populations that are a "drain" on society - the elderly, the obese, and the chronically ill. Once Americans found out that "COVID only kills those people," the choice was clear. From the ruling class at the top down to Bob the cashier who refused to wear a mask, there was a distinct refusal to sacrifice super profits (for the rich) and convenience/normalcy (for the masses). Call it eugenics, genocide.. I don't know. But on some level I do believe the mass death was deliberate.

  9. Except long covid is going to create more "drains".

  10. Commies getting hit with the brick of reality, name a better duo.

  11. They aren't commies though. They are tankies

  12. If tonight is the night to maximally exploit a breakthrough in the northern Kherson front, to get special forces behind enemy lines blowing up ammunition and fuel depots that would leave the Russians helpless against regular Ukrainian forces, I wonder if a few years from now we will finally get the story of the reintroduction into the battlefield, under very special conditions, of a mode of transportation the Japanese used in World War 2 to rapidly invade to get to Singapore as fast as possible: the bicycle.

  13. I saw early videos of them using dirt bikes. One guy drives other had an NLAW

  14. Unfortunate reality of war is that artillery teams take a lot of traumatic brain energy from blast overpressure

  15. Why would Russia bomb their own pipeline?

  16. Putins oligarchs before this could have in theory killed Putin and then turned the money faucet back on and got things back to normal.

  17. Its gonna be carnage in winter. From what vets write (not an expert) it makes you dull. There is no will to fight in the cold. The night is everyone's enemy in Winter.

  18. You don't need to be a vet to know cold makes everything suck.

  19. Anyone else from Pinellas County (specifically Palm Harbor) lurking this thread? I'm in a 3rd floor apartment with recent roof damage, me and my cat are more than a little concerned. It's a strange feeling being both grateful that we dodged a direct hit but at the same time feeling so bad for the others that got surprised by the overnight swerve and escalation. I didn't have the time or resources to do any significant prepping, just holding out and holding on.

  20. I know I'm not reading the room right, but I have a friend also now who is screwed because yesterday it wasn't going to hit his area and now it is and he has no supplies.

  21. For those capitalism is crushing and destroying I fully understand.

  22. The reptilian did it in order to further nuclear war and thus their ability to come to the surface.

  23. Storms take power from warm seas, but can only turn that energy into a tropical cyclone with a differential of heat, just like a supercell, just like a tornado.

  24. I thought we had no tropical storms in August because of the Sahara dust

  25. That makes no sense. Only the part in Germany would be useful for LNG terminals and damage is somewhere around Denmark.

  26. From my understanding systems that have to be put under high pressure can have major issues if they rapidly lose pressure.

  27. Germany can still do that. It's not destroyed, just has a few damaged sections.

  28. From my understanding systems that have to be put under high pressure can have major issues if they rapidly lose pressure.

  29. how did you get your luck/curse/coin so hi? i thought my 1 mil ru nwas good

  30. Really strange graph, what does it mean ? Why 2020 mostly under zero ? Why so few hydro in 2015 ?

  31. It's the growth or contraction in the in terrawatt hour.

  32. Likely in a month it will be now choose another from your remaining 20

  33. The Ukrainians have a pretty diverse set of over-visual-horizon weapons now, and still relatively few HIMARS launchers on a long front line. The war is not all-HIMARS-all-the -time.

  34. Other countries generally try to save their injured though

  35. Still would be an improvement over my lazy ass wife I have.


  37. wait, are they really just flat out calling it a TRAP, or is that the slur name for it?

  38. There are many escalations Russia can take before nuclear.

  39. And assuming Main_ArrKeepValue is a function and not a subroutine, it needs to passed as a text. So try

  40. Maybe Application.Run could work for you. Though not sure of its performance, in case you have multple such cells to process

  41. clever for not showing your character, now I can't troll if it is Sigma

  42. I mean I do have 100% of the achievements and all secrets. That being said, even with Sigma it took several runs of theorycrafting to break the 1m mark, most were shy in the 800-900k range.

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