1. I never got this scene. Like the one guy in the beginning was the antagonist. Peter is clearly a high school kid in this scene or at most young college.

  2. Pierce Brosnan is gonna be the best part of the movie just cuz he's gonna ham it up.

  3. The key word is native Africans. Native Africans are BLACK. Again, you so sound dumb as hell. Stop publicly embarrassing yourself.

  4. You sound incredibly obtuse right now. You know good and well that you’ve never seen a person of native African descent who was any other color but black. Let’s be serious here.

  5. So not only are you a karma farmer you're also full of little terribly unfunny racist "jokes" - you are disgusting.

  6. If the X-Men are gonna be black they might as well make Storm white while they are at it.

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