1. I think that’s great! As well as your appointments - how sweet it is to be able to hear that little beat!!

  2. For sure. It never replaces going to the doctor nor is it for diagnostic purposes. I just love the bonding time with baby. Even when I couldn't find them it's still fun for me to look. We mostly got it for my hunny to help him develop a bond.

  3. I have one too and we love it . We totally use it for him to bond and for fun ! Don’t let anyone discourage you !

  4. Thank you. Maybe I came off the wrong way. I dunno I didn't expect such a negative reaction.

  5. Fair enough. At my old job I'd lock the door 5 minutes before close. I had my boss lose it on me for it one night. She wouldn't pay me past 9pm so I'm not staying late to shut down computers. I had told a few angry customers this and they were no longer mad at me, only her.

  6. If they're not going to pay you past 9, that's quitting time, regardless of what may not be done. Either they pay you to finish, or you just leave. I'm sure the labor board will be VERY interested if boss is forcing you to stay late without pay.

  7. Oh the labor board was extremely interested in all the wages she stole from me. I got my money

  8. Name your child what you want. Name popularity changes all the time. Just make sure the name doesn't make them a target for insane bullying. Example is naming a child fairy sparkle moon haha

  9. She told me my hip length hair was “dragging me out” and chopped it off. Was she lying about that too 😭😭😭😭😭???

  10. It's an opinion. Opinions are not facts. Don't let people bully you about your appearance. If you like how you look don't let a hair dresser or anyone else change that.

  11. Thank you for the advice^ I’m not sure what to do now though!

  12. Raise hell. Get even half of your money back and don't back the owner. Learn from this and grow as a person. Don't let anyone push you around anymore. And please call around next time to make sure you are getting fair pricing. Leave this biotch a nasty Google review if they won't give you your money back.

  13. Respectfully, fuck him and his opinions. He gets zero say. It isn't his body and he doesn't have to live with terminating a wanted baby. I have done this twice now with men that wanted me to abort. Both times I did what was best for me and raised my child. Give him 2 weeks to process after you tell him what you want. If he is still being nasty tell him goodbye. You aren't children and this isn't the end of the world. It's a child not terminal cancer. My fiance was being a dick and acting the same way. I flat out said to him either we can do this together or you can enjoy being a single dad on the weekends for the rest of your life. He got his shit together after that little talk. Always do what's best for you. Men come and go but you have to live with yourself and your choices forever. Be happy and do what you want. Best of luck.

  14. My sneak peek said a boy. I hope it's right or I'm gonna have a Tom boy for the first few months haha. I have known people that got told the wrong gender at ultrasounds and have suprises at birth. The only test I fully trust now is the 4d ultrasounds.

  15. I have the same fears. I look at it like this, we never know when we are gonna punch in and when we are gonna punch out. If you fear loss you won't allow yourself to fully live. Yes something could happen. However something could happen at any stage of life. There are a million ways a life can be lost. Just do the best you can. Buy those baby clothes, tell your family and friends. Celebrate the life you are carrying. Life is so fragile at times. It's better to have those around you know about the baby so you can have a support system around you.

  16. Speak to your doctor about what you can even take. I was told I couldn't use any of my normal allergy meds while pregnant. The safe one they told me doesn't do fluff all to help. The positive news is that depending where you live, allergy season is almost over!

  17. I would say yes. My first born was in the NICU for 6 days. The hospital staff gave him formula without even asking me if that was ok. They just do what they feel is best I guess? I tried breastfeeding/pumping and they knew that. But still it was 9 days after birth before my milk came in. With my second baby I'm going to buy formula and use both until my milk is fully in.

  18. To be totally fair I do think Lupin was being a coward. He tends to run away from difficult situations rather then face them. An example would be quitting his job because he doesn't want to deal with the fall out. (Yes I am aware the job is cursed but regardless). He was only ever brave with James and Sirius to prop him up. He wanted to join Harry as an excuse to get away from his own family. The reality is that he would have gotten them killed during the full moon. He wanted to feel brave and important again, the way his friends made him feel. I haven't liked his character since he and his wife left their new baby to to fight. Lupin should have gone alone without Tonks if one of them had to fight. Why risk leaving your child an orphan? Just my opinion and I know some disagree strongly.

  19. Congrats! Personally I think boys are so much fun . I love being a boy mom. They can be a little more rough and tumble but that's fun. Just make sure you raise your son to know that crying is ok and not to be a toxic dude later on. I found that was the hardest thing. Random people would give my son hell for crying. Or tell him to be a man.The terrible expectations placed on young men/boys is alot for them to carry. People will try to emotionally stunt boys and that leads to broken men. Sorry to turn it a bit serious but as a boy mom this is so important imo.

  20. Go after him. My old boss stole almost $1,500 from me over the span of a year and when I had enough and told her to pay me for my shifts she fired me and told me she will never pay me. Guess who got nailed by the labor board? Hahah bonus was I reported a ton of safety and health violations so she also had over $3000 worth of fines to pay by the end of it. Always go after them and always keep all copies of schedules and emails. I kept a copy of every interaction with her and that's why I got my money

  21. It really has. However, my work let's me do w.e I want. We are so short staffed and I have been here for so long I get away with murder. If someone is rude to me I pop right off back. No issues for myself. Or if I'm not feeling like dealing with it just fuck up their order. Oh you want a coffee with two cream? Here is 6. Or I don't stir drinks. Don't be rude to people that make food and drinks. We will screw up things on purpose.

  22. I got an emergency scan at 6 weeks and I'm getting another scan at 10 weeks. With that said my little one had a slow heart beat so that might be why. With my first pregnancy I had a scan at 9 weeks and then 20. That's it. Maybe get a doppler for home use to help re assure yourself

  23. No suprise. I was looking for a second hand crib and had to give up. Im just gonna buy it new for safety. Drop down cribs are illegal to sell or buy where I live but people are still doing it. They have been banned since 2011.

  24. 20-30 on average a day. I used to get up to pee in the middle of the night and have a smoke. It was the first thing I'd do everyday and my first thought when I'd wake up was to go have my smoke.

  25. I have smoked since I was 12. Quit at 16 for a year because of my first pregnancy. Started up again at 17 and quit 16 days ago now at 29 because of my (suprise) second pregnancy.

  26. I totally understand. You get stuck because everyone assumes it's all your good at. I feel trapped because I hate retail but physically can not do factory work. My body is failing me already just from the work I do now. I have no idea where to apply. I applied to on average 5 places a day for 2 months and only got one interview. I was only applying to offices and places like that and got nothing. I just want to be able to sit down at work.

  27. I had a similar issue. I have just one baby growing but have such bad back and lower pelvic pain I had to have an emergency ultrasound at 6 weeks. They think it's my back finally giving up on me. I have some nerve issues. So between that and my ligaments stretching it was brutal. Ended up getting a pregnancy belt to help support my body and back. That helped alot I found.

  28. It's totally OK to love the baby but hate the process. Growing a human is really hard and draining.

  29. Ask if you can get blood work for your vitamin levels. When mine are off I get headaches non stop. Have some poweraid and see what happens. I find that also helps.

  30. Good plan. Smoking causes alot of issues we may not even realize at the moment. My IBS is really effected by smoking. It's gotten better since I stopped.

  31. I don't bother worrying about how internet strangers feel. It really depends where you live anyways. For example where I am currently we actually do not have the population to support our economy once all the baby boomers retire. The super crowded areas of the world are typically the impoverished places where people shouldn't keep having babies but don't have access to Healthcare to stop it. Of course there are alot of other factors involved in those countries. As long as you are a good parent and can care for your own kids keep going.

  32. Call me basic but I personally don't like making eye contact with my dinner.

  33. I had one lady that told me she was never coming back. She stood there waiting for me to reply. I guess she wanted a reaction or apology? I just told her to do whatever floats her boat, it's not my business. I'm a lowly cashier, I have no vested interest in this company.

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