1. Just before they start swinging. Hot girl in pink walking from right to left...

  2. I swear to god im exactly in your situation right now, i came while i was fingering her, she wanted to give me head, i had to say not right now, maybe later. I went to the bathroom quickly and wiped my dick off with paper and changed my pants (i have a few Pyjamas in my bathroom lol). Also the same dick issue, she gave me head and i came, after that we wanted to smash but i couldnt even put the condom on because my dick literally said: man im dead 💀

  3. Haha we have a very similiar body bro, keep going good work! :)

  4. bro i remember you from Mpmd dot com haha. Thanks for the compliment brö but honestly i feel like shit like a fat pig because ive been binging on chocolate bars, donuts, cookies, cakes, ice cream and shit like that everyday straight for the last 3ish months. I eat around 3k calories from normal food and then binge another 2-3k unnecessary shit (listes above). And this makes me feel like a piece of lazy pig.. i cant deal with it anymore, thinking of getting a magician to hypnotize me into to binging like a fat bitch everyday. Literally im craving for that shit like wtf. Anyways imma start my cut tomorrow and strip off another 3-5%bf and maintain ig. Btw im Dia2 Eu region.

  5. Hhahhaah very nice sounds like a good plan! You can add me in league if u want we may can play some flex togethere, didnt realy climb this season :)

  6. Id say lift hard, eat high protein and eat in a deficit. After that you could bulk up

  7. I would recommend lean bulking/recomping. It looks like you have somewhat of that skinnyfat look. Interesting physique nonetheless with developed shoulders and chest but flabby stomach.

  8. Don’t go on cycle at 17% bf would be my advice. Wait 12 weeks and cut down to probably 160-162 first. I’m 5 10 so basing it off my height and weight (165) 10% bf. 17% I’d be worried about gyno and acne personally. But you know your body better than me :) so take my words with a grain of salt.

  9. Well cutting on Test 500 is actually not a bad idea, especially if youre eating in a small deficit

  10. Test @ high dosage is best mass builder on its own, you can add Npp/ Deca and also Orals like Winny or Anavar. In the end it depends on your diet, you gotta have a solid 500kcal surplus, not more than 600ish i would recommend unless you wanna gain fat

  11. I would say around 20-23%, looks like you got some amount of muscle mass and shit tons of fat over it. In your case i would diet down till im close to shredded and then from there start to build size

  12. 200gr 1 meal with meat and lots of quark and prtein rich shit

  13. I’m on my 2nd cycle. First cycle was “test only”. On second cycle added primo. Damn! Vascularity and cap delts are very pleasing and I’m very happy with sleep quality and libido. My e2 is completely in range(in bloods) without any AI. Only cons are fucking pip and it costs $150 aud/10ml of 200mg/ml

  14. Cialis 20mg eod, 1g of salt with a banana, 10g l citrulin, gatorade intra should do the job, idk

  15. Umm, that is decent enough dosage to start. Then you can adjust for individual response and titrate up if needed after bloodwork. You seriously think that him being on 150 test has no help to him and is comparable to natural? It seems like you are the one with zero clue here tbh.

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