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  1. For anyone used to mpreg content: Is seahorse mannerisms a common theme? Which ones? Also, is the time frame of the pregnancy relevant for the behavior? This sounds like trolling from outside tbh, it's too specific

  2. If it has a neck and forelimbs, it can wear a suit and tie

  3. I appreciate your answer so much, accept my thank you since the upvote feels lacking

  4. I admittedly haven't seen it yet, but from what I've read about the series, it sounds like it works without coming across as too disrespectful because several of the zombies' other deaths are portrayed in morbidly comical ways? Like, I know the MC does a whole Typical Idol Anime Protagonist Introduction and then immediately gets hit by a truck or something like that.

  5. I think, so far, we got 4 comedic/absurd and 2 just downright tragic deaths

  6. Wasn't there a fucker that was like "She can't be trans because zombies can't be trans" and like... They can't be idols either, most of the time, have this person watched the show???

  7. With a title like that, does it make many references to philosophy?

  8. If you like philosophy and weird slice of life jokes I recommend the (webseries?) anime Sekai no Owari ni Shiba Inu to (Doomsday with my Dog)

  9. I've been meaning to check out Invisible Man. When the first couple of trailers came out, a bunch of people in my circle thought they'd end up being really insensitive with how they were going to make domestic abuse a major part of the plot, but apparently it turned out pretty well

  10. I really enjoyed it! The fact that the villain is invisible is both thematically and just generally interesting and terrifying!!! The acting and effects were also good, btw! I highly recommend if the subject isn't too heavy for you

  11. Happy Sugar Life. An anime about love... And sexual assault, kidnapping, abandonment, rape, obsession, trauma, pedophilia, murder and I'm pretty sure suicide

  12. If you really want to know, I just checked, the movie is called, no joke, "Neo Ned"

  13. Iirc (it's being a while) it's trying to be really sentimental. The Hitler lady was institutionalized because of the all... Hitler lady thing. And the Nazi dude falls in love with her while he learns that black people are people...

  14. “Seagull managers fly in, make a lot of noise, dump on everyone, then fly out.”

  15. Thank you! I'm not used to seagulls so I just assumed they meant Seagulls like the viral videos, a manager shoplifting and stealing people's food from their hands

  16. You what, do you live in a landlocked country/state or something? My country has lots of coast so the idea of someone rarely running into seagulls is baffling to me xD

  17. I'm living far away from the coast now, so yeah, pretty much. Don't remember interacting with them much when I did travel to a beach, but according to google my country has a bunch of kinds of seagulls and at least one natural reserve for them, so I may just have an awful memory!

  18. You ARE very hot in this photo. Period. Live your hair btw

  19. You're also going to have a rough time getting addicted to an unknown substance since you can't ask for a drug you don't know the name of.

  20. Nor remember/guess which house it came from. The whole idea is dumb.

  21. I was so confused as why such a bad take had so many upvotes and then I noticed it was the pet human/trans mommy milkies guy...

  22. When I was a kid my friend's dad tried to convince me that this story was about atheism (I was openly atheist). I was like "Even if it was, you know that makes god look real bad, right?"

  23. Reading this felt like being standed in the middle of a busy higway while all the vehicles miss you by an inch

  24. I've read the mutilated slave post itself and it is so bad

  25. That's the most adorable thing I've seen today, thank you

  26. I was being all smug and rude in my head about how unlucky op is and then I noticed I'm addicted to booba and the chances of people noticing me staring are way bigger... In the end, I was the unlucky one

  27. I really need mineta do die, or be written out

  28. Like that one Green Lantern squirrel! One day he is just run over by a car because he didn't fit the setting

  29. What do you even call your grandmas child? Step mother?

  30. Same! I was like "wow, this sounds weirdly familiar for some reason but I would remember that"

  31. Honestly man if you’re gonna do it go all the way y’know

  32. Yeah. My problem with the examples above were, of course, the Accidentally Groomed My Baby Effect but also that those fuckers ALL started as a cute Father/Daughter story that would never end in incest if they were blood related

  33. I'm sorry, in what way are those characteristics you're using to describe yourself relevant, save from sensory processing issues?

  34. I got angry for a second because your phrasing is used most commonly by people just being bigots, but it's not like I can get your intent by just reading a dozen words you wrote so...

  35. IIRC it came from trans mascs wanting a masculine sounding euphemism for periods, bc they usually cause dysphoria. And I always assumed it was shark week bc sharks can smell blood in water

  36. My very "what are pronouns? Gender fluid is people who think they're water?" Ex boyfriend used Shark Week as an euphemism 8 or so years ago. According to him because "blood in the water"

  37. I'm just worried about him and people around him at this point...

  38. My comment won't be helpful at all and it's just an anecdote I like to tell!

  39. Tbh after, during a history class, a freaking classmate started talking about how we need to find the Missing Link to really understand written history I kinda just wanted to give you higher education

  40. Like... I can understand wanting a PLETHORA of subjectively bad things as a way to feel more secure about one's identity. We're humans, after all, a sense of self is more important than comfort most of the time.

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