1. I know you're trolling but I made my brother a fire "Ball Hawk' 6'7 SG can play 1-3 and it's an offensive machine and can guard 1-3 at the park we got a 78 win percentage

  2. I was on YouTube all day looking at these trash builds 2k got these YouTubers pushing these trash builds so people can make more than one build

  3. I’m new to this sub. Do people bring up the fact that lack of competition has ruined 2k and madden. I miss NFL2k. I played it on the Dreamcast as a kid and it was the shit.

  4. Supreme strange vs anyone else we seen in the MCU besides ultra Vision and I'm good

  5. I found my 72 win percentage from knowing I'm not that I'm best with a slashing Shot creator type of PG can do everything I want when I try to mimick this play style I'm ass

  6. This is like the last of the complaints with offense in this game. The list goes like this:

  7. Well your first problem is you have no parameters.

  8. Just explain the strongest MCU characters goddamn we're not asking about the comics I hate when the comics fans do this 😂😂

  9. The thing with comics is that for the most part there is no definitive top 10, because it all depends on the writer. The top 1 will always be The One Above All though, it is literally in the name and he is the only truly omnipotent being in Marvel. Characters like The Phoenix, Beyonders, Molecule Man all have practically omnipotent powers depending on how they are written though. This gets even more complicated when you have characters like Franklin Richards who in most appearances is a child with fluctuating levels of power, but is theoretically absurdly powerful.

  10. I started getting in my feelings because you accused me of not watching the show.

  11. Because after what you watched you sound beyond bias I used to be brain dead and think hulk was the strongest until I got Disney plus and watched everything then I had Scarlet Witch as the strongest THEN I watched What IF and Supreme Strange is on another level. No need to get snarky if you don't want to engage don't reply you insulted for no reason I'm level headed over here ☺️ (All REFERRING to the MCU)

  12. I insulted because you had no reason to believe that I hadn’t watched What If? Yet you assumed I hadn’t. Also, I still hold Wanda as the strongest.

  13. I had plenty of reasons to believe that Wanda is not absorbing a Galaxy Busting attack from the Infinity stones I'll leave it at that

  14. Basically if you played 2k22 or 21 on PS5 it's widely known that the player base is the worst in park History my theory is it's due to 2k not having pie charts or templates for players on PS5 you can just make anything and go out there and not have no use to the game at all. Jack up 4 shots go 1/4 then quit is the story of rec this year

  15. Yeah my bad mainly PS5 ps4s still is solid I should've stayed on ps5

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