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  1. To be honest, this is really the only part of the post that matters:

  2. Not really because that seat could have went to someone who was gonna stay the whole flight. She essentially scammed that for a cheaper and I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed or she wouldn’t have banned. He has every right to laugh. He did warn her.

  3. Laugh, sure. Calling her a “fucking moron” repeatedly will probably have this asshole back here tomorrow wondering why she broke up with him.

  4. What the fuck kind of low bar standard is that? Fucking hell, that’s part of our overall problem.

  5. That why people who don’t vote in primaries or local elections are fucking idiots, but by the time we got to the general election, yeah, Biden was the only feasible choice.

  6. Is that a preference or a fetish? I thought you were going to say like they watch you eat, something extra like that

  7. That’s a thing too - “feeders” like to give their partner food in order to watch them gain weight. Their are some awful stories out there of people trying to lose weight and get healthy only to realize they were being sabotaged by a partner who didn’t want them to lose weight because of a fetish.

  8. I was going to say… dumb AND bigoted! What a winning combo!

  9. Its there country they are allowed to dislike gays , if you dont like it don't go to there country

  10. Nah, fuck bigots. That’s universal.

  11. Not really the question, but I also think you and your husband are TA for your booking strategy of always making a stranger sit between you.

  12. The headphone was just one time. And if you look at my other comments you will know that we don’t really talk or chitchat or pass things back and forth

  13. If it’s enough for other people to figure out you’re together (and it was), then it seems weird and rude to me.

  14. What you made using the Keurig does not change the verdict. And you were not so frazzled by your ham dinner that it stopped you from making yourself a beverage. How does making the ham dinner affect your ability to toss the pod?

  15. You’ve never heard of someone making a mistake or forgetting something before?

  16. Haha, good to know. I just got banned from there for a very innocuous post, and I was wondering what was up with them. Glad to know I’m not missing anything.

  17. You have to make your daily quota of sandwich making before the "sandwich distributor" (i.e. underpaid delivery driver with an "expanded role") arrives at your home to pick up your sorted variety of subs and then delivers them whenever the app says someone has ordered.

  18. And of course you, as the independent sandwich contractor, are financially responsible for making sure you own kitchen is up to code for food service.

  19. You know that wild turkeys roost in trees at night. Wild chickens will too. Neither bird can fly very far, but they can fly.

  20. Seems interesting - kind of reminiscent of hot dog, Mac & cheese dinners I had at diners as a kid, but with a bit of extra zip to it.

  21. INFO: how do you think you could NOT be the asshole in this situation?

  22. Or a candlestick maker at a candlestick makery.

  23. Yeah because she's "bigger" they think shes more tough and can handle more. But for me, She is my baby no matter what and I dont get why they put priority to a sick dog. like 0,0

  24. I’m sorry, but I am just mystified as to why everyone needing to bring their dogs with them constantly has become such an issue in the last decade or so…

  25. You posted this exact same comment on another dog post. We get it.

  26. Lol are you really so concerned that I posted two similar posts in two different threads about the same general topic?

  27. Should have asked that before inviting the rest of the world for a secular, multicultural event and then pushing their religious bigotry on others.

  28. “Hey in all fairness I read the first 2 lines, skimmed the rest and just assumed what was happening”

  29. He also says they should be “moving forward”:

  30. “Sir, have you been drinking tonight?” But asked of the officer.

  31. Let's change it for foreigner then. I meant everyone going to Qatar, or participating/profiting from it. Players, managers, reporters, fans, media, sponsors, etc.

  32. Yeah, and they’ve reneged on everything they agreed to in order to get the World Cup there. Now that it’s happening, suddenly no pride colors, no alcohol, women have to be accompanied, etc. which they’ve only announced the change from the previous agreements within days of the games starting.

  33. What is up with people in the last 10 years expecting to be able to bring their dogs to other people’s homes?

  34. Yes, more dogs have separation anxiety now. Many went through a long period recently where their humans were always home and a lot of people are still home more than they were 10 years ago.

  35. This is a trend I’ve noticed well before Covid.

  36. I’m laughing here that it took your wife wanting to be involved to make your step dad realize what a shitty, mean prank he was about to pull on his wife.

  37. Hang on ....where the hell did she think your autistic sister would be living?

  38. She didn’t. OP’s user name is literally “fake-reddit_stories.”

  39. Unless more context is provided, people are wayyy to quick to judge the guy. This seems like a standard disagreement, he isn't being rude, like at all and guess what, neither is the server, she's calmly explaining stuff to him.

  40. I was thinking… does every customer interaction need to be filmed?

  41. So she's a journalist. But you don't like her reporting about drug addicts.

  42. No, reporting on drug addicts is fine.

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