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  1. Why don't those workers band together and start their own Amazon? They know how to do it. They could have a worker-owned enterprise and hire away any workers that Amazon hires.

  2. Ancaps : History shows that people prefer to just hire someone than keep slaves for long term better profits

  3. the history does not show that. if that was the case the South would not have fought so hard to keep slaves. they would have paid them a wage and let them live in their own houses and they did not do that. Confederates are desperately trying to rewrite history to justify their racist ideology.

  4. Slavery isn’t ‘Capitalism’ for fucks sakes, and the success of Capitalism is evident everywhere it’s been implement, to the degree it has.


  6. lol a far right think tank funded by billionaires tells us giving billionaires cheap labor is good lmao

  7. Cato is far-right? Or are you referring to your own links?

  8. Ok, commie. I guess you are not a student of history and the 100 million killed by communism. GTFO.

  9. communism didn't kill 100 million. and there's no evidence it did lol

  10. and yet you haven't provided any evidence that communism killed 100 million people. I know that this is just like some kind of lie that gets circulated in right-wing circles but it's not based on anything. it's just made up LOL

  11. I’ve always wondered why people disliked Troy, thanks for the info

  12. People will form cooperative groups of paying for services that they use. No more forcing people who don't have children to pay taxes for schools, no more forcing people who don't drive to pay taxes for roads. If you want fire protection, great, pay the fire protection fee. If you don't want it, that's fine too.

  13. You read my post about voluntary participation through fees and got communism? You would be paying these fees for services to private companies.... and you got communism out of that? My post was literally about the state fucking off and never taxing us again.......... and you got communism from that??? Communists really are some of the dumbest piles of shit to ever walk the earth.

  14. I didn’t know any of this… holy smokes.

  15. also the United States didn't really have any roads and it didn't really have much in the way of schools either.

  16. I've heard the argument "but he's not President." Then why isn't he being prosecuted? His partners were, even Hunter's cousin was prosecuted for $100k in credit card fraud.

  17. meanwhile the Democrats had no trouble wanting to go after Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump and Melania Trump and basically all of those people who weren't president eitherr

  18. It is, I can't find anything about the employees hired and while the study is real it does not mention "authoritarian messaging". It just says "hey having someone inside a conspiracy group saying not insane things to counter the conspiracies actually seems to be a viable tactic to make these people less insane."

  19. *outspoken Clinton critic and fellow Epstein associate.

  20. Epstein's former attorney authorizes raiding home of fellow Epstein islander.

  21. still waiting for the Democrats proof that Trump went to Epstein island. they spread a lot of disinformation. usually created by the Kremlin. but still waiting for any evidence..

  22. 9 times out of 10 it's manufactured opposition. But if they keep up the hate even after they already removed him it's a bit more likely to be the 1 case

  23. I mean saying that Trump is "Epstein linked" is dishonest

  24. DDG is trash, they censor now too. Old news. Try Presearch.

  25. Translation “ We are working on presenting this in such a way as to minimize damage”

  26. He took them when he was president. Meaning it was legal for him to do so.

  27. no I'm not saying that technically the FBI couldn't possibly get those records back from him for the archives. maybe they have the legal right to do so

  28. it's obvious you hate trump. because you want federal agencies to ignore the Constitution and abuse their power to go after him to "get" him because of your anger towards him

  29. The FBI typically doesnt like to come out against domestic groups which they themselves are funding and infultraiting.

  30. the FBI is a terrorist organization if the FBI labels you a terrorist that means your anti-terrorist

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