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  1. okay so I got some facts that may change ur mind. If u look in this subreddit, there's people claiming they shifted here. Also time in our DR is just like our CR it still responds normally. and one my favorite facts, u can read, eat, go to sleep and wake up in ur DR, and even go to the bathroom. hopefully this motivated you!

  2. Yes some books are free online lol, also if u can. Can u give us more details about ur OR? if u can of course

  3. How are people beating it in less than an hour with no purchases?? Im island 7 and i've been playing for 4 hours with no spin luck? how are you guys doing it??

  4. im trying to shift to become a mutiversal bounty hunter, basically travel the multiverse and eliminate whos a bounty and whatnot

  5. in my DR im gonna go to lots of different realities, basically travel the multiverse and see different kinds of life and how their reality works.

  6. in shifting, u can watch movies, the clock behaves just like our CR, you can eat, sleep, feel pain, (you can script out pain if u like), and interact with real life people. in lucid as u may have guessed doesn't rlly have these things in them. oh and yeah when u shift reality checks pass everytime u shift, while in lucid it may sometimes fail. I hope this helps:)

  7. shifting has more stuff than lucid. in lucid reality checks may sometimes fail. shifting reality checks all pass. In shifting you can read, watch movies, read the clock (Normal like our CR), and even remember our DR memories. obviously there's more to shifting then what meets the eye. hopefully this made u a Lil more motivated:)

  8. if u feel like that then I would suggest perma shifting, it's respawning but you don't forget ur CR memories.

  9. I think it would be worse cause I would miss my cr so idk, do you think it would be better? And also, if I pdrmashift, can I just chose at a point to forget everything if I want to?

  10. If u miss u CR u can simply shift back, and technically yes at a point u can. if u do wanna respawn im not stopping you. follow ur heart.

  11. it makes me so happy all these realities are existing right as we live. and to shifters going to there DR it's honestly a good feeling.

  12. hoping it's real too, be cool to meet fictional characters. unfortunately it could be lucid dreaming, but I do know a friend who has shifted so at this point so who knows

  13. I don’t know much about it outside a podcast I heard last year. It sounds like lucid dreaming to me. It sounds crazy but then I think I probably sound crazy to the average person talking about AP’s or lucid dreams

  14. shifting and meeting real like fictional characters sounds like a too good to be true scenario. honestly hoping it's not lucid but same time maybe 😕

  15. AP should be seen as a way of complementing or adding to the joy of exploring the totality of being that is you.

  16. this comment alone has made me wanna astral project so bad ty for this

  17. this honestly boosted my confidence in trying to astral project, ty!

  18. is it not supposed to be blue?

  19. its like the chapter 2 season 1 lobby and i can't change it.

  20. You mean no background right? Just a blue fog kinda? If so that’s a bug that sometimes happens when they change the lobby background. Usually sorts itself after a day or two

  21. of course, if u have any more questions u can message me.

  22. isn't the astral realm the afterlife? ps im new to astral so pls don't make fun of me pls lol.

  23. Infinite reality= infinite possibilities Multiverse=infinite possibilities If you want a really interesting read, check out

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