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  1. Picture of the turtle for an idea of size

  2. Pickling salt holds moisture from my experience. I'd recommend a fine grain salt.

  3. Maybe people are ordering them because of Hurricane Ian? It might be the worst storm to hit Florida in a hundred years.

  4. Fiona left a load of people in Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland without power for days. Local Costco got shipments in that sold out within hours. Its probably a two edged sword. People saw how Fiona affected over 300k people with Ian incoming and some of those 300k people now without power probably bought what they could.

  5. Wow, $40 gets almost nothing these days. I heard second hand that only 100 service people were sent for the whole of the maritimes. Not sure if its true, but if so, that's not much assistance for the area affected.

  6. Just saw this on the news - Those on income assistance are getting $150!

  7. I think they expanded it too! Tree removal and electrical repairs I think. This will make a huge difference!

  8. I was down on Robie by the Esso, they have power. There's a Jesse's pizza next door as well as possibly pizza delight?

  9. 3.25% 4L milk frozen before hand can stay frozen for about 3 days in the fridge and 4 days in the freezer if power goes out. Last longer than water from my observations.

  10. A friend sent me a picture of the lineup. People must have been waiting for an hour or more for a freaking double double and a crappy sandwich.

  11. I tried to get gas at the shell next door but could not get into the area due to Timmy's drive through line up.

  12. Keith’s gas bar is open and the queue for gas lines up to almost searle’s greenhouse in hilden

  13. There are still lots without power, I'm hoping once a few get back up and running it won't be such an issue.

  14. Now drop those to the protesters with an invite from Putler himself to air thier grievances personally at his front door.

  15. I'll clarify the post. I'm wondering if we need to get someone to remove the tree branches after the service is disconnected. Or if NS Power can pull the wires from beneath the branches to reconnect them.

  16. There is someone on our street in the same situation. They were told "DONT TOUCH ANYTHING!"

  17. Scared and ready for it to be over. In Dartmouth - we expecting we’ve already seen the worse ?

  18. Truro area checking in, its quieting down now. Occssional gusts, but less intense and frequent than before Hopefully the worst is over.

  19. How did the poms heat their houses before gas was available? I realise it gets sodding cold there, but it seems remarkable to me that they are left with so few options.

  20. Tried. May have to buy proper materials

  21. If its legal in your area, a conibear might be the way to go. Talk to a knowledgeable trapper.

  22. So that would mean a mass emigration from Russia to other countries….

  23. Its going to be a huge drain on them too. Anyone who qualifies will be of a working age, if they leave, that means an older generation left behind to fill the gap.

  24. When mine was between 8 weeks - 5 years, she would not touch wet cat food and would only eat Whiskas. Now shes almost 11 and loves wet cat food to the point she starts demanding it an hour before feeding time (Free choice with dry, but damn she demands her pate every night)

  25. They are proving year after year that privatizing an essential service was a gross mistake and should be reversed.

  26. Id gladly pay extra taxes if NS bought NS Power back. I am not happy to pay extra to a private company so they can have cushy houses and fancy meals and expensive cars while people struggle under crippling inflation and bloated power bills.

  27. I always get goose bumps when I see evil getting its ass handed to it. Wish it happened in real life more often. We could use more Riders of the Rohirrim in the real world.

  28. Remember those early war pictures of Russian soldiers freezing to death while chained to a pole so that they don't abandon their post? The same thing is gonna happen again. If the Ukrainians don't break them, winter will.

  29. When dealing with birds, I usually double bag the bird, wrap it snuggly and use tape to wrap the outside of the bag like a mummy. You can place the wrapped bird in a box to prevent the feathers from being bent while in the freezer until you find someone who can do the work.

  30. If it matters, I bought the is piece at an annual flea market in Monroe, WA. And he was just a picker too, so he didn’t know the original source. When I look up Joseph K Kincaid and Quartermaster, I find a Civil War guy, but I’m assuming this piece is not Civil War era… Also, what are the brass badges representing?? Thank you for your help!

  31. Can you list the names on the brass rings? it might help to get an idea what it might be for.

  32. So I see the brass rings are dated with the earliest being 1961. That one reads “Indio”. Then here are some more following in order from the top down. 1961 - W.S.A Salt Lake 1961 - Huntington Beach 1961 - Palm Springs 1961 - Phoenix 1961 - Captain’s Special Award 1962 - WSA Sacramento 1962 - Las Vegas 1963 - W.S.A. San Diego 1963 - VT Bridge 1963 - Phoenix And it keeps going until 1968…. Thanks for your help!

  33. Interesting, it almost seems like some sort of eventing commemorative stick. It may be military, band, car or horse racing. I doubt its sailing as Las Vegas and Phoenix aren't really known for mariners.

  34. I mean, some will want to watch the funeral and such. But yes, most just want the day off. And federal and some provincial people get it, once again leaving private workers in the lurch. It's not fair how few they get compared to public workers. Only my province, PEI, is giving it to everybody.

  35. "Holiday for me but not for thee" ~ Every government worker and elected official making the decision for paid holidays probably.

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