1. Winter grass. As others have mentioned, it’ll die off once the temps warm up. Can be pretty easy to pull up but if you have a big area you could spray a winter grass specific herbicide if you like. The best option for prevention is to spray a pre emergent herbicide in early autumn. It will prevent most seeds from germinating. If you use it again about this time of year you can successfully limit the growth of all undesirable invaders most of the year.

  2. You’re right, they were easy to pull up. Have done half the lawn. What’s the targeted herbicide and what method to prevent more growing this season?

  3. You got this much this winter because it was allowed to seed last season (and so on). Just get as many seeds as you can this season and then get a plan for next season (pre-emergent and selective wee killer).

  4. Thanks, if this is the case then it could be that these were in the grass hiding and I’ve helped them grow with Scotts and later with a Weed and Feed 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Naw, watch the slowed down version and you can see the future Coop (the invisible one holding hands with Brand) kinda pops like a bubble.

  6. It’s funny that with majority of my relatives and friends it’s quite the opposite - the western husband is subservient.

  7. Yep, killed a friend of mine. Hence why we have a ‘one punch’ campaign in Australia.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, during the shot from behind Ethan when he’s about to leap out of the window did the camera move slowly towards him and did the frame expand?

  9. I went through this. I didn't want the career, the wife and kids, and white picket fence. I didn't want to work hard to get a better job to pay for a house then work harder in my job until I got a better job to afford a better house.

  10. You’re a smart person. Travel as much as you can lest you start having health issues that prevent you from travelling overseas. I had kidney failure in my twenties and dealt with dialysis for several years before I had a transplant and had to restart my career and play catch up financially. Managed to go on my first overseas trip in over a decade in 2019. Had one planned for 2020, but you know…

  11. The first fight between Wenwu and the mom is the most beautiful scene of cinema that I’ve ever seen.

  12. I appreciate your opinion, and whilst I agree it is beautiful, you need to watch Hero (2002) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and perhaps House of Flying Daggers.

  13. If he hasn’t seen that, his point is still valid

  14. How are cate blanchette and Jamie Lee Curtis washed up?

  15. And here I thought the fashion world was just getting ready for the post-apocalyptic world that we all seem to be hurling towards

  16. They’re just polyester. Water should be enough. At worst use a tiny bit of soap, rinse it and let it dry.

  17. Same, i didnt even know COD has tanks now.

  18. I’m so out of the game - is COD going 180° and are trying to become the new Battlefield now?!

  19. Was wheeling my flatbar from the shed and thought I’d ride the short distance along the garden path. Was wearing thongs and somehow miscalculated mounting and did the whole freeze pose while my bike falls in slow motion to one side.

  20. Only if you use Apple News (and maybe other news services). Not on their website.

  21. At least you know what you are getting. Nothing worse than going to a cafe and paying 5-6 bucks for it to taste like dog shit.

  22. Oh gawd, you just reminded me of my most recent rare visit to the CBD office for work and thought I’d try a fancy coffee shop I’d never been to. It was bitter and was shocked to find it was Axil Coffee 🫤

  23. Automotive manufacturing is a huge percentage of the EU GDP. MG isn't only made in China it's 100% state owned. Chinese are supporting forced labor and also the Russian invasion. Yes they make good cars but so did the Nazis.

  24. The Germans are good at making cars and other stuff. Not their former regime.

  25. The problem with buying trash is that they’re much less likely to encourage you to ride due to the weight, cheap build, unreliable shifting and worse case incorrect assembly! Same could be said if you bought a poorly maintained secondhand bike, I guess, but that’s why you don’t go bottom of the barrel.

  26. Pringles changed from the US/Europe ones we grew up with to the South East Asian recipe out of Malaysia about... I want to say 5 years ago?

  27. So glad someone else has noticed! I remember the original versions filled the diameter of the tube quite well. They were yellow and light brown and had a nice texture and thickness. The Malaysian made ones are a bright yellow in comparison and feel like 2/3 of the tube diameter.

  28. Perhaps a career change is on the cards Ticket Inspector Bumpingston.

  29. Wasn’t trying to be judgmental. Guess I suck at making funny posts 😞

  30. These are all PG-13 movies and they're big ones too, so ofc I would watch these movies

  31. Not talking about ratings or restriction. I was more comparing to my own childhood as I didn’t know anything about IMAX and my teen self would’ve had trouble appreciating the significance of these films beyond standard theatres.

  32. I've only seen few Movies in IMAX, but if home video counts then it's these Sequences

  33. You’ve seen all these movies and you’re not even 18!? At that age I’d seen some documentaries shot in IMAX and was too young to get why they were special. IMAX Melbourne represent!

  34. Going to resurrect this topic. I got a used Aorus B550I and I'm assembling a mini-ITX system based on this board and the 5600X. Because of restrictions and after reading a bit I decided to use the ID cooling IS-50X cooler.

  35. Thanks. Ye I have an SFX PSU but the PSU in the case I will use its not an issue. The case I got is also not that great I got it because of the visual aspect of it and I know I could get better results with some other but looks is something relevant for me and tired of the those square box style cases.

  36. I bought the ID-50X because of mainly the reduced height so it could fit under the existing ATX PSU. In the end the Scythe was just heavier and had more fins. As the computer wasn’t for me and couldn’t afford to tinker with it regularly the cost layout for the SFX and Scythe was better for me. I would suggest keeping the receipt for the ID-50X or be prepared to sell it at a loss secondhand.

  37. Is it actually illegal for a car to wait for an unprotected right turn in front of a tram?

  38. Back in ‘96 I accidentally delayed a tram one morning when my bicycle fell off the back of mum’s car (was a strap on bicycle rack that fell off when she was turning). The driver was dinging profusely while little adolescent me scrambled to move my relatively new buckled Giant bike off the road and to the footpath of Hawthorn Bridge. No one came to help. Had to do bike ed that day with someone else’s big bike. Luckily was only a bucket front wheel, but it sucked.

  39. I’ve seen these scams on Facebook Marketplace around me. Essentially offering $1500+ Trek bikes for $75-90 on a full shopify website with so-called testimonials and an about page with “we are not a scam, we just like offering affordable prices!”

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