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  1. He should double barrel with his wife's surname and then he'd win easily

  2. Honestly I liked this movie. I hadn’t really played assassins creed when it came out so it was more of just an ancient assassin action movie. But after playing assassins creed, it didn’t do the series justice

  3. I thought they made some interesting tweaks and I actually thought the stuff in/with the animus was cool... but the real world stuff and particularly the ending was poor.

  4. Police helicopter bring up doesn't mean it has to be a news story.

  5. I work in London and there are regularly police helicopters hovering around. Usually not a big deal.

  6. Most people don't care about protests in this country unless it's directly inconveniencing them.

  7. I'm almost 40 and have been an RT fan since like season 2 of RvB. I don't relate to 20 year olds, so of course I won't necessarily find the same things funny that a cast of people in their 20's will. AH aims a certain audience and as I get older, I drift out of that audience but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that.

  8. I'm in a similar boat but I've realised recently that it's not just the new 20-something cast members that I'm unable to connect with, but the older members who are seemingly trying to find a way to fit in with that demographic too.

  9. He has a brother (Brian) who is also an actor and he is excellent.

  10. He looks so much more like Brendan too and actually played the young version of him in Assassin's Creed

  11. It’s fine for Conte to run his players into the ground apparently on preseason but god forbid we make them run in heat

  12. I think we've established that "Ca-Caw Ca-Caw" and "Tookie Tookie" don't work

  13. They're clearly briefing the media to prep for his release. They know there's gonna be a backlash but the Ronaldo fanboys will do that anyway.

  14. Really hope it's a mutual termination. Don't think his team should be allowed to shop him around and then expect the rest of his wages paid.

  15. She looks like she’s gonna cry. Maybe thinking of how she wishes her bf would commit.

  16. Introducing Michael Cera as Black Panther during a comi-con wearing a padded muscle suit.

  17. Tbh I haven't seen him for a while. Clearly been down the gym 24/7 getting that Avengers Bod

  18. LinkedIn has become so bad for this. My feed is full of people I don't know posting a selfie (from a holiday or something) and then boasting about something, some social justice crusade or something just completely ignorant to the needs of most people in the accompanying text.

  19. My brain kept trying to anticipate jump scares that weren't happening and it only added to the tension. Horrible incident and aftermath, incredible show.

  20. One of the images that has stuck with me the most is when that helicopter just falls out of the sky when flying over the source.

  21. Corrie isnt really on the same level as the marvel franchise though is it mate

  22. Do United know they need to complete transfers ? All they do we're interested and that's it lol

  23. Just keep in mind that whatever journalists or people on Twitter say is not necessarily true and that they use Manchester United for clicks.

  24. Man United execs will be rushing to get to the store before closing

  25. I like the idea of the 100 years one. Highly likely to be a bit rubbish but it's potentially a good time capsule (I'll never see it anyway except as a floating head in a jar or something)

  26. They put out Justice League and Wonder Woman 1984 - just how bad could Batgirl possibly have been?

  27. It's probably the only American remake of British television that's as good as the original.

  28. The only thing is that the first season isn't great because it's trying to be a remake, it's much better when it changes course and finds its own legs with broader comedy over cringe.

  29. Still something for people in those cities and the surrounding areas to be optimistic and hopeful about in midst of otherwise doom & gloom...

  30. I feel like it's always a strange choice to choose a background the same/a similar colour like this because you can't really get a full sense of how it actually looks.

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