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  1. Doesn't look bad, added the milo powder or milk powder with sugar to my rice when I was a kid.

  2. Literal chills rn, its been so long since I watch that episode but its just so memorable

  3. We do a mild amount of tomfoolery

  4. sigh We didnt switch team, We revolted against Mussolini. All he did in ww2 was Just destroying the country and sendind thousands of Italians to their death. Mussolini continued to fight with germany under the Italian social republic, while in the south the C.N.L. (comitato di liberazione nazionale) joined the allies. In the North partisans movments where created, with the intention to liberate Italy. Mussolini also tried to escape to switzerland, showing that he was a coward. The partisans shot him, the I.S.R. fell, and Italy became a republic After the war.

  5. Didnt they like put him and his mistress up for display after they killed both of them

  6. Yo the keira bug in kaer morhen when you buy from her before the big fight is still there, can even exit the shop and have to quit the entire game.

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