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  1. Everything is immaculate! I thought the same thing.

  2. I always put in a random answer, to try to fuck with their data.

  3. Seems like a mannequin foot.

  4. They don't like it very much either. Part of the problem

  5. hmm that worked last week.. bars must be getting smaller

  6. There's no downside to freezing it. Shouldn't impact the quality of the stock. Probably a tiny bit safer, too.

  7. Then he will enact a decree to outlaw fish dicks jokes altogether

  8. I had a SVP that was commuting from a different state 2 hours every day. That's probably too much.

  9. If 5 million is good, 5 billion would be better. They should get on that.

  10. I am sorry but I didn't even know we were playing

  11. I don't understand why it's an accusation. The US is absolutely profiting off of war. They always have and will likely continue to do so.

  12. McDonald's puts it in its french fries, cosmetic companies put it in their lotions, and surgeons inside of chests.

  13. Ultimately, you have to have faith that there are more good people than bad people. I believe that and I don't think we would've gotten to where we are if it wasn't the case.

  14. Putin has had success bombing places and/or groups that don't even have a legitimate military Syrian rebels, Chechens, etc and even then barely had success.

  15. "those Hemingways think they're better than us because they have six toes. LIES! We will show them the error of their ways, by force. The mutants are an abomination and must be purged in fire!"

  16. The chicken noodle soup is 80% stock made from my freezer scrap can + leftover bones from meals over the course of a month.

  17. I don't really care about any of that. Most of us have indirectly killed goats and drank their blood, just not in a ritualistic way. And I've seen more mainstream religions do weirder shit.

  18. I mean, a Kingdome Come Deliverance+Project Zomboid Kind of Game could be actually interesting.

  19. They nailed combat in kcd. Keep the inventory management from zomboid, though.

  20. Data has a hydraulic penis, nobody can beat that.

  21. I think he's ready to take over, personally. I kind of hope that's the plan. It did seem like his appointment was to prepare him for a higher office...

  22. It was probably their dog and their butter they just forgot because that's what salvia does

  23. My dog retrieves butter 10 out of 10 times when dropped lol

  24. Right? Those people who use the metal contraptions are of weak constitution. Only campfires for real grilling.

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