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  1. Most comments are misunderstanding evmos, a standalone module of the cosmos SDK.

  2. I don't see it as a hack personally

  3. Because they use a old fork and heavily modified cosmos sdk repository

  4. But how does that make sense in this line? Either GetConnector() returns a reference&, or we have to make a copy. I dont see how GetConnector could return && in any meaningful way.

  5. It's a sugar syntax that is just more flexible in case you add more overload or change the return type

  6. The JUNO pump from 8 to $45 was purely based on hype. All the airdrops hunters bought in. People shilled JUNO as ETH2.0. There was no shadow of a doubt that a big price correction will come. But this whale fiasco ultimately sealed JUNO's fate.

  7. Not only hype, it's also a great project :-)

  8. I sell half of them every day and send fiat to my bank account to buy a house, I compound the rest

  9. Wow, that was a great. Just want to thanks the developers and flipstarters that funded this. Also want to encourage everyone, to go look at that Read cash link Op provided, it lays out the pros and cons in simple bullet points.

  10. Hey - Lead dev from desktop here, the desktop version is in stable beta.

  11. Just tried Atomicdex yet I couldn't exchange anything due to my IP being from the US doesn't sound decentralized to me.

  12. Hey, you are not looking the good version:

  13. Whats the difference between Gleecdex, Smartdex, and Atomicdex?

  14. Right now if you want you can fork the codebase and do your own dex, epsilon dex - geofree:

  15. How does this solve the 15th standard problem?

  16. I don't understand how this can work - how can the exchange be decentralized? The order book has to be somewhere... is this using a special blockchain? Is this explained in a doc?

  17. Well to be honest i will be highly interested about the async approach of boost beast, i already find cpprestsdk very convenient regarding the async http request (i know they have weekpoints such as performance etc), i hope boost beast will be easy as that.

  18. Our Gaming SDK which use SFML + EnTT if you want:

  19. I hope to see restinio in the tfb benchmark

  20. Yeah I've known it's existed in homebrew (or macports) for a while, but that's annoying to try to set up on something like a Travis instance (esp when I don't have a mac locally). I will probably end up buying something like a mac-mini and using that as a apple build server for jenkins. That way I don't have to install llvm every single time. It's just annoying as fuck to deal with.

  21. I use std::filesystem on every platform including apple with Travis support without any problem:

  22. What if you set your package manager to C++14 but CMake silently upgrades to C++17? I think this will lead to nasty linker errors eventually.

  23. Conan is aware of the c++ standard, and will report an error if there is a mismatch with compiler settings detected by CMake and your Conan configuration.

  24. Since CMake is run after (or inside) Conan, how can Conan check this?

  25. For example you can have multiple compiler in your system, let's say gcc-4, gcc-8 and clang-5 and in your conan profile you set your compiler to gcc-4. Then you run CMake and CMake detect gcc-8 as your default compiler, since you include conanbuildinfo.cmake an error message will appear and say that the compiler version detected is not the same between CMake and Conan

  26. We use Conan at my job. It's awesome. We have it hooked up into our CI system and generally have very few problems with it. But perhaps the coolest thing is that even though it's that powerful, you literally need two commands to generate project files!

  27. There's not much info here to justify an entire article however the concept is very interesting and the next part should be interesting.

  28. The second article is out, and the package manager that we present handle iOS target as well !

  29. Oh thank's for the link, i was not aware of this subreddit.

  30. Well, I'm open about constructive commentary, you are the kind of guy who ruin the community.

  31. Well you don't understand the concept of series article then. Anyway 94% upvoted, maybe change your mindset ;)

  32. Alright I'm going to say some heresy now. This is me discrediting myself from being respected ever again, this is my springtime for hitler

  33. I have exactly the same setup as you (sfml/mmorpg/c++17) and it's not painfull at all... Maybe you over react a little bit ?

  34. With the greatest respect that's not exactly a complex usage of build systems, for codeblocks I have 12 different build configurations for the server, and 12 for the client which all do a variety of different things across different compilers. Some of them are for debugging in either testing or deploying a debug build to prod, some are for profiling (in testing and prod), some are compiled under clang, most are GCC, and at least one is ZAPCC. Some are instrumented with address sanitisers, and at least 1 is a linux cross compilation target (that didn't pan out)

  35. I plan to actually support sanitizer too in my clang build, I think I will have something like 10 different configurations for the mmorpg, I think CMake is boilerplate but really complete in my sense , if Conan can support other build system like bake or build2 I will probably switch but this is not the case right now

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