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  1. Wow! What ever will they do without her? XD

  2. This Soulja Boy impersonator is really good!

  3. Usually, when you pee, you DON'T want rocks to fall out.

  4. There are also stores like Stop & Shop that force you to use digital coupons on their phone app to get the sale price. This wouldn't be an issue if the app actually worked. You need to look at the app and save any coupons 2 DAYS before your shopping trip in order for them to be loaded onto your card. Sometimes that doesn't even work and you still get charged full price.

  5. You didn't "buy" the ink. You got free ink cartridges sent to your house under the agreement that you would pay around $4/mo to use the service. If you cancel the service after a month or 2, why should you still be able to use the ink? You're the AH for trying to scam the program.

  6. I think the very concept of this subscription-based ink cartridge program is asshole design. Just like Columbia Records bullshit in the 90's was. Technically not illegal, but also very much predatory and anti-consumer.

  7. It would be Asshole design if it was required.. but it’s completely voluntary and for some people can save them a lot of money on ink. You pay per page which means if all you do is print full color photos, most likely you are saving money.

  8. Update: I drove 45 mins to my nearest Lego store and they still had plenty of these sets in stock! Don't give into the eBay scalpers and go on a drive to your nearest Lego store. Just call first to make sure they have them in stock.

  9. Go to the store. It’s to close to Halloween to get it in time from my experience. And you can get other sets while out there.

  10. “And you can get other sets while out there.”

  11. Here we go with the Spongebob.. "MY LEG!"

  12. The coffee kcup advent calendar was my favorite. 24 completely different flavors with only maybe 2 or 3 I didn’t like. I don’t usually buy kcups because of the price but $9.99 was a great deal.

  13. Apple likes to paywall features to make their other phones seem more "desirable". Like the new bs "dynamic island"... only on the 14 PRO.

  14. Just make an apple crisp. Its great way to use a lot of extra apples since they cook down… and everything tastes better with a cup of brown sugar, stick of butter and oatmeal topping.

  15. that is probably the biggest McDonalds road sign I've ever seen

  16. Probably more than that. An hour ago is when the cops found him

  17. That's a good spin on "I'm tired as shit and I don't want to be on the show anymore" and girl.. I get it.

  18. Calling individual KitKats "fingers" is very unsettling to me.

  19. That was a thing with Live PD too. It can’t always be nonstop vehicle pursuits and loud altercations.

  20. Exactly, it would feel too fake if every episode was loaded to the brim with action.

  21. Tell an employee to push the package out from the other side.

  22. idk if you're joking but that's not Selena

  23. Karen's head gets thawed out and reattached to a body and we get the first re-animated president.

  24. "What do you think we're trying to do, heat the whole neighborhood?"

  25. If I did that it would never make it to next week nevermind next Halloween lmfao.

  26. Honestly, I hope this happens. If people decide not to give out candy anymore, they'll be forced to lower prices and not be so greedy. We kept our light off last year and it worked out because there were maybe only 4 or 5 kids that walked by our house all night.

  27. I’ll try rolling them up in Aldi crescent roll dough and brushing the top with butter and sprinkling with cinnamon/ brown sugar. I’ve done this with raw apples before but it looks like it would be even better with these!

  28. I love the clever implementation of the pill shaped notch, but why make it a premium feature only available on the Pro phones? Wouldn’t it be more iconic to include it on the whole 14 lineup? It’s definitely not a “Pro” feature, it just seems like a cash grab to make more people buy the Pro phone when they don’t need to.

  29. oh damn i didn’t know that, i thought shonda even said the show will end when ellen wants to stop

  30. There was an interview that Ellen did recently (I forget where) where she talked about basically figuring out where to go with the storyline of the show so that it could continue without her.

  31. it wouldn’t be greys anatomy without her, it’s literally a show names after her unless they recast meredith the show should just end

  32. Sure but since it still makes ABC money, they'll go on without her I'm sure.

  33. Question is now then, is it worth upgrading the 12 mini to 13 mini?

  34. I’ve thought about it but I still really love my 12 mini. The blue color is great, the battery life is still great after a year. The lower price of the 13 mini is tempting me to sell my 12 to get the “last mini phone” but idk yet.

  35. and instead they made a bigger phone… when they already have the larger Pro and Pro Max phones. It makes 0 sense.

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