1. For anyone else dealing with this dumbass bullshit, since it still seems to be an issue, using voice commands through Alexa seems to circumvent this glitch. On startup, one app would read “Downloading” and the rest would read “Queued” until the stick went to sleep, then all would read “Queued” and stay there for indefinitely. No adblocker used, and other remedies did not work. Got a “See what you can have Alexa do!” pop up and figured “there’s no way this will work” but lo, and behold, Amazon’s drive to force adoption of Alexa can never be stunted. Such a frustrating experience.

  2. Hell yeah, this guy wants to cold trail with his toes

  3. Guy is operating on a higher level of intelligence rarely seen in the fire world. Save your back, use your feet, honestly shocking it’s not agencywide policy

  4. Man I’d love to buy this but I don’t need another 5.56 or .30 cal can. Who do you guys recommend for a 9mm can?

  5. Rex MG7K. More utilitarian than the R9 since it has no caliber or barrel length restrictions, and it has a more forgiving warranty (which you’re unlikely to need, but people still jump all over YHM for theirs). Price is slightly higher (can get them right now for $395, but the R9 has gone for as low as $300), and Silencer Shop doesn’t sell them so you might have the added cost of a transfer fee.

  6. You’re going to have to be more specific. Leupold has like 9 BDC reticles across all their lines. Your best bet would be to read the reticle manuals from Leupold’s website.

  7. Purchase limit of 1, but get them if you can! Beats the pants off of buying used bolts on eBay for $75

  8. You can, but as others have said don’t expect too much in the way of accuracy or performance. They’ll generally do better at closer to 32 ACP velocities too

  9. Magguts on the P365XL brings it up to 14+1 nearly flush fit btw

  10. Been waiting on those guys to release the +2 baseplate for the 15rd mags that they’ve been promising since the release of the XL.

  11. "Unanticipated vibrations"? Seriously? Bro, have you even helicoptered before? Either no one involved knew a single thing about helicopters or the entire project with a bunch of yes men too afraid to tell some higher up how stupid their idea was. This is like something a 5 year old would draw.

  12. That may be the craziest part of this whole thing. It was built with direct input from one of the pioneers of modern helicoptering, Frank Piasecki. When it was built in 1986 the dude had just shy of 50 years worth of rotorcraft design experience. To be fair they managed a few successful test flights prior to the accident, but the phenomenon that caused the failure was reasonably well documented so should have been mitigated for.

  13. I carry a SWAT-T with me, and I frequently hand them out to hiking buddies. I’ve yet to use one as intended as a tourniquet outside of a half dozen practice applications or so, but I have used them as bindings, either to splint limbs or to hold gauze to wounds while applying pressure (on both human and canine patients). I have also cut one up to use as impromptu flagging tape to mark off-trail progress.

  14. As a member of the Chicken Legg club, the SWAT-T is looking like good middle ground. Piece of mind with a tool that has more than one use.

  15. I would suggest buying a few of them to start off with. One to stay in its packaging to go in your FAK or pack for actual trips, and some spares that you can practice with once or twice. I only keep new unopened ones in my kit since I worry about changing humidity and temperature and repeated use wearing out the material. I will use the same one to practice with a few times though

  16. RPR will be better for PRS. Weight = Stability and repeatability.

  17. Just add some wheel weights to the Mlok slots on the hand guard for precision shooting, then take them off when it’s time to hunt. Best of both worlds! /s

  18. At least it has a standard pic rail, but not entirely sure what underserved market segment this is targeting.

  19. My concern with the rail is whether or not it will kill holster compatibility. Paying $120 for just a frame to throw on my 365XL to make it closer to a G19 in size would be cool, but not if I have to spend that much again getting a new holster or holsters.

  20. It will. I won't elaborate how i know but if anyone's using cnc moulds odds I am 99 percent sure they won't work.

  21. I assumed as much, especially since the 3rd party grip modules with full rails don’t play well with my Dara. Oh well, I might pick one of these up anyway to test, and if it doesn’t fit then I’ll sell it if I don’t like it or I’ll get a little dremel-happy if I do like it.

  22. Dude you don’t have to pay for lube any more, we have an essentially infinite supply of Uncrustables filling that works just as well. Impromptu hookup with a local hotshot chaser? Uncrustables. Newbie forgot the bar oil? Uncrustables. Boots getting a bit dry? Uncrustables. Just got extended on a roll doing nothing but mop up on a fire that just won’t die and need a little perky jerky in the mildew-y tent from Supply in order to make it through the next week? Mother fuckin Uncrustables has your back.

  23. This is exactly how I imagined a helislacker would edit a video

  24. Made with gopro quik i think. But yea i expected nothing less

  25. GoPro didn’t add the shoddy music or the rewind cuts, that’s the kind of pure unadulterated artistic genius you can only come up with while parked at helibase

  26. How timely, someone just did a “my first rifle!” post over on

  27. Lol, I almost commented that his rifle is overkill for that.

  28. I’m sure it’ll work fine for them, our deer aren’t especially skittish or low in numbers so you could probably get away with being a shoot-a-dozen-rounds-a-year type hunter, but it does seem like trying to swat a fly with a Buick.

  29. Or just be in Texas and have open season year round for both hogs and coyotes with no bag limit, and on private property you don't need a license.

  30. Hard pass. NM also has open season on yotes and hogs (no license for hogs either) and you’ve got 31,000,000+ acres of public land than to hunt them on

  31. Meh, lots of really cool hunts in Texas if you can afford land. More public land would be nice and if you don’t plan to buy any, Texas is a bad state to be. But if you are investing in land, there are some really nice areas for a hunter in Texas that consistently seem to be going up in value.

  32. Not something I’m interested in, personally. I’m of the opinion that hunting should be a right afforded to all, and it should be treated as such even though it isn’t strictly codified. Restricting opportunities to hunt to only those who can afford to buy land to hunt on themselves or to those who can afford to pay others for the privilege to hunt their property is pretty antithetical to that idea, so I don’t participate in it.

  33. No, coed showers in full greens and yellows only. Never know when camp could get burned over, gotta stay safe in those showers. Now pick up that soap!

  34. If you want the most frequently updated imagery I wouldn’t rely on the hunting apps. They source their imagery from other sources and it’s generally in their best interest to wait until a dataset has been updated for the entire nation before grabbing it (which is why OnX’s imagery is usually a couple years behind; they use NAIP imagery that gets updated over a period of every 2 years, but OnX waits until it’s finished for the whole nation before updating it to save the hassle of having to update multiple regions over the course of two years). Look at something like

  35. After tons of dead big Colorado mule deer and elk under my belt, I would never, ever trust a Barnes, or any other copper bullet, to reliably expand at 1600fps, especially a 225gr 338 designed for a magnum cartridge.

  36. I was of them same opinion, which is why I asked OP. I have gotten reasonably effective expansion of certain Barnes bullets down to 1800fps, but I also haven’t tested any lower or with the stupidly high twist rate Q designed the 8.6 around. Probably won’t either, I’ll let other people Guinea pig that one out

  37. Well, if nothing else, those rounds look sick and I'll bet it's a hoot to shoot.

  38. Lol I’m not OP, but the Elf Owl sounds great. I’ll be snagging the chassis for my 6.5G eventually

  39. Bro this would have been the tits back in the early days of COD4 MW, pre-anticheat when you could bind fire to a mouse wheel to break semi-autos like the G3.

  40. Del Norte Gun Club has a 1k range, it’s close to ABQ out by Rio Rancho and Bernallio

  41. Considering that it comes from the factory with a 5/8-24 threaded muzzle, yes chopping it back will leave enough material to get it threaded 5/8-24.

  42. Totally adequate. Would not mind using one out to 100+, provided you use the right loads. Consider that Buffalo Bore makes a 158gr JHC load that does ~2100 out of a rifle. This is very comparable to 160gr loads in the 30-30, though admittedly with worse ballistics. At 150yd that bullet is still going to be zipping along at over 1400fps, which is about what you can expect from factory loads in a revolver at the muzzle. Plenty of articles online say 357 is an adequate handgun cartridge for whitetail out to 50yd, and with that BB load a rifle will hit that same velocity/energy at ~200yd. For 30yd it won’t even matter.

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