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  1. Just press the rotate button again. You can also turn items around, so you can see the back, though I’m not sure how to do that

  2. Tractors are fine. Just don't write another country song about it.

  3. There's a fan remake of re1 AND code veronica coming out that is doing just that.

  4. Perhaps he needs to get off the high horse he is pictured riding rn.

  5. The simple answer is that the 2nd run in the RE2 Remake is not canon.

  6. Take this with a grain of salt, but some guy I know who knows about computers more than I do told me.... the original had the "zapping" system which effected what happened depending on who you chose first and what you did with them.

  7. Just stfu. Please for the love of god I would like people like you to just stfu.

  8. You can be best friends and also attracted to each other, though? It doesn't demean or take away their friendship.

  9. There are definetly examples of male-female relationships that did not demean the female character, when done correctly it can actually build the characters and give us all a deeper look at them. But more often than not this is not the case.

  10. I know you got shit on pretty hard by some folks here, but you should really consider killing a section of that grass with the cardboard method and getting something established that feeds wildlife. I'm guessing you're in PA after snooping your posts. So something like partridge pea would be great. Easily down from seed, it is a great food source for lots of birds and its a hosts for common sulphur butterfly! And let me tell you there is nothing like planting something that will conjure butterflies out of the aether

  11. I moved into a new lawnless place a couple days ago.

  12. Also thank you for actually sharing useful information and not just hurling insults. Appreciate the respect you show others

  13. Because if we allowed housing discrimination against those with children, they'd never be able to afford homes and we'd have a lot of homeless kids. Something that use to happen A LOT until these protections were passed in most developed countries.

  14. Ok well when you rent you are paying to live in someone else’s property so they should get to say what you can and can’t do with it. So maybe after awhile people wouldn’t have kids until they could afford property? But I feel like we all know that won’t happen…unless maybe we increase sex education and access to birth control/abortion and abolish property ownership for the purposes of rental which would increase the supply of affordable property?

  15. This is the antinatilism sub reddit. Not the "we lick our landlord's boots and make children homeless" sub reddit.

  16. This has been disproven but somehow is still widely shared on social media and accepted as true. You're depression does not make you more intelligent than others around you.

  17. Yo so how'd this end up working out for you?

  18. Craigslist is the exact place you'll find fraudulent listing. Just moved into a new place and ran into a large number of the same postings thT op fell for.

  19. Hey my guy. A few years ago I broke off a 3 year relationship for the same reason. We were even living together at the time. I always said no kids. She pretty much pretended to go along with it for awhile but finally started pushing me to get married and start breeding with her (we were in our mid 20s and broke so idk y she thought we should've had a baby).

  20. What pieces of garbage. I'd never leave my baby

  21. I hate this subreddit and this community. Noone complains about resident evil more than resident evil fans. I just try to enjoy what they give us

  22. theres nothing wrong with not enjoying when they give us complete dogshit.

  23. Make ypur own game then I guess. The fan made mods are some of the best re I've ever played. Ypu guys are the worst re comments I've ever read. Put up or shut up

  24. Well Spencer, one of the original founders of umbrella, wasn't interested in profit. He was studying viruses to try try to 1. Wipe out the majority of population of earth. 2. Create a super race of humans. 3. Be immortal and rule the super race as their God.

  25. Hard disagree. The lack of maternity AND paternity leave in this country is fucking ridiculous

  26. Trying to be better is the only way a human can achieve goodness

  27. It took me a few tries before I finally started enjoying this game, but once I did I started chasing the other og titles like it. Yes its worth sticking through. By the end you'll love it

  28. Yeah, I’m well aware. But I already knew the general plot of the first three games before I started, so I figured it would be more fun to see everything happen linearly. But it really did highlight how much worse 0 was than the others

  29. Zero goes before 1 in my runs. Unless it's your first time playing RE there's no reason not to

  30. Yeah I haven’t done Gaiden yet. The way I see it is if I’m actually ABLE to track down some of the harder ones, the I’ll do Gaiden for completionist sake. I am planning on watching the animated movies though!

  31. I put a few hours into gaiden and eventually called it quits. I felt like I'd have to look up a walkthrough to beat it.. I don't have to patience to do it organically. I'm just going to wait on the Project Starlight remake.

  32. Just bought them a couple of days ago. Eager to get to them.

  33. I loved them both. Rev 2 is up on my list with the best RE titles.

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