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  1. there were 2, one DMM game and then another based on an Anime, both shutdown during the covid 19 lockdowns

  2. Why now and not a year ago or something? He's been edging the site for 20+ years. I think he'd know the limitations of the area and how far he could go. He wouldn't just one day after 20 years fly some drone straight miles into the site or something.

  3. And maybe they were kust gathering evidence and the prosecutor was like "ok, thats enough for life in prison, lets get gim"

  4. Because I actually don’t know - wouldn’t Japanese naval and land-based intercept systems utterly disregard any long range missile attack? Not to mention what other allied ball of hellfire is swimming around there.

  5. I think that comment was a reference to what japan did during pesrl harbour.

  6. More important than getting cheap goods from China is for China to get food from the West as they're not food self-sufficient. A few months without US corn and Brazilian soybeans they'll start starving

  7. So bottomline - USA doesnt want war eith china because it would wreck their economy.

  8. IIRC Turkey did want to ratify Finland but Finland refused to be ratifed without Sweden. So now they are bith still on hold while Turkey and Sweden continue negotiations.

  9. I love the close relationships European countries other than western have with each other. Scandinavian countries hold together just as much we Czechs do with Slovaks or poles. Same with Baltic countries countries I imagine.

  10. Imagine having the ability to launch 2.4t of anything at your enemy and you choose concrete

  11. "I will only provide a source when it is necessary. We have to start trusting each other again"

  12. Sure that's true, and the West isn't, so what the fuck is this inflammatory shit about then?

  13. It makes sense that Mnichov made us very much opposed to the "about them, without them" diplomacy

  14. Fuck this jester and his wannabe Don Corleone act sideways. Geez.

  15. Which, in reality, makes it much less likely to be reported. A fine coming out of the "family budget" without removing the abuser is bound to stop most victims from reporting

  16. And then the government can come out how they managed to drop domestic violence cases to near zero. Outstanding move

  17. Plus these shows need a pundit to come out and fire off "bad" takes for the rest to attack.

  18. Ugh. Have to say that yes, as of now, it doesn't matter - case closed, nobody's guilty, faulty missile NATO says. Period.

  19. Lmao. This says everything you need to know about this person. We foreigners are constantly pushing money and equipment into Ukraine and they themselves cannot even admit that the missile in this case was theirs. Ungrateful ppl. 🤮🤮

  20. I think all news media should give Putin the title. Eg, "Today terrorist leader Vladmir Putin addressed the.."

  21. I am a simple man i laugh, o upvote. And you made me laugh out loud sir

  22. I'd love to see you tell to this lady and the people greeting ukrainian soldiers that they are acting fake

  23. that show had, stupidest premise since that time an atomized being was resurrected.

  24. Yeah. It was awesome seeing Ewan as Obi and Hayden as Vader again, the child actor who played Leia was endearing and the final confrontation amazing..

  25. The actress who played Leia honestly did really well, the problem is that her character was written in a way that was quite annoying at times. And some of her scenes were just stupid (who thought multiple chase scenes were adults fail to catch a child in almost cartoonish ways were a good idea?)

  26. Probably the only time it actually got better was when Stalin died

  27. Do whatever you can not tp go to war. Also for fuck's sake not everyone drafted has a choice. Get it through your head.

  28. It’s not nuanced, and that’s akin to saying it’s ok for you to use that other word because you don’t use the hard r at the end.

  29. Sure, the Khergits/Khuzaits fucking SUCK at seiges.. but boy, are they fun to play on open fields

  30. Fire arrows being real is the true non credible defense

  31. I mean it literally is, it basically claims that God fucked up by creating humans but dont worry, Russia is here to save you. That's not just heretical, thats insulting to the whole abrahamic family

  32. you mean Putins jihad? Oh that's just a thinly veiled plea to not shoot up any more barracks

  33. No I mean how you said "god created humans by mistake" - if that is what orthodox christianity is about, in a nutshell.

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