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  1. So that she could always excuse her actions to herself:

  2. I had an ex who wanted us to still be friends and for it to be 'mutual' (initially) with us breaking up despite her immediately becoming a unicorn for two of my friends but 'omitted' the truth and couldn't understand why I was angry.

  3. Tbh, I dated someone this self absorbed before and it isn't surprising at all actually. No matter how much they hurt you, their feelings matter far more.

  4. FML this his hard. My ex was banging several of her friends. I packed her stuff up, walked her out and she was sad and wanted a hug. I was happy she was leaving so I was fine with the hug because it meant nothing to me at all.

  5. Where are you getting your stats from?

  6. I decided to deep dive and the stats aren't very clear-cut as the last major study was a bit wishy-washy. But the stats I'd argue are off with it being ~1500 are from alcohol-induced deaths vs. alcohol-related deaths.

  7. That's a stupidly narrow viewpoint. Did you know people with mental illness smoke more than people who are psychonormative? And depending on the diagnosis (especially schizophrenia and bipolar) it's a significantly higher portion of the population?

  8. Does it taste like rich people yet slavery, internalised anger and disappointment?

  9. I grew up in Singapore in the early 90s. It was a safer and more free country for young kids to grow up in. It didn't have any of the stranger danger worries that Australia did at the time. Of course, we moved back home before the hyper competitiveness of the schooling system became an issue. I had friends with tutors and it was normal. We were 7.

  10. Stranger danger really was a media frenzy thing in a lot of western countries and was also kinda bullshit too as a risks are significantly higher of a lot of childhood abuse being perpetrated by people close to them.

  11. I’m a POC and Australia is one of the least racist places I’ve ever lived in. If you mean jokes then yea maybe aussies joke about all races including white people. But this whole Australia is racist because of the past is so untrue

  12. We're well known to be "casually racist". I think part of it is we tend to take the piss out of everyone and we'll use race to do it too. Not saying it's right just my observation.

  13. My current job I interviewed for after getting super burnt out at my previous one (and took 3 months off to get my head straight again). It was a step down and the new company knew it and have pay banding so couldn't match it but did their best (including upping to role to be more senior). I'm just happy I'm not only working 38 hours a week but now have 6 direct reports instead of the 17 I had in my last gig. Plus so much less stress!

  14. It's never a good feeling when the docs bring in more medical people to marvel at you.

  15. My brother had this. Neurology interns doing the rounds and the head of neurology was asking them for possible diagnoses and no-one got the right answer.

  16. It's so weird to me too. I was raised in a church and they did things like thank God for "guiding" doctors and scientists etc. There are problems with that, but back in the day people who just expected God to take care of everything were the weirdos and actually considered fairly sacrilegious.

  17. I'll admit it's been many, many years since I've had anything to do with any religion, but isn't the whole thing with most of Christianity that God kinda went "ah fuck it, it's up to you." and no longer intervening in peoples lives any more?

  18. I have no idea why by I read that as Ron Jeremy. I mean he'd fit in perfectly as an alleged serial rapist and paedophile.

  19. Oh I wasn't aware it'd progressed that far. Good,

  20. Bipolar runs in my family, so I can understand all the comments about feeling bad that OOP wasn't at all sympathetic to finding out his nephew had mental health problems. But, honestly, until the nephew actually starts to acknowledge what he did was wrong and works on his behavior, then it's on him (not his mental health) that he's acting like such a monster. Are his parents also a bit to blame? Of course, enabling that behavior so long surely helped create this awful mess.

  21. As someone with bipolar I have accepted that sometimes I do shit things (especially before finding the right meds) but it's still me doing them whether I like it or not and I have enough empathy to realise that my actions had hurt people whether I meant to do it or not. I'm not a big fan of people not taking any responsibility at all because of their diagnosis/diagnoses.

  22. But I guess that is learned behavior, because your parents helped you adjust and monitor your behavior from early on, right? Because it seems like the nephew just never got any help or support with anything - he was just enabled in his bad choices. It's tough to expect him to suddenly take responsibility and make the right choices, when he was never taught any of that, and never taught any control mechanisms for his moods. He needs some serious help, and the horrible parents are apparently just doing diddly squat.

  23. Oh absolutely. And lots of therapy. I didn't really understand why I was the way I was when I was younger but had a lot of guilt. Thankfully my parents weren't enablers...

  24. When I was in high school, Saturday evenings entertainment for the football team in the off-season was to take the train into the city and go queer bashing. I don't know if the administration was aware, but the coach definitely knew.

  25. I'm from small-town Australia and I realised I never wanted contact with my old 'school friends' after one of them proudly boasted he wanted to go queer bashing. NC ever since.

  26. This would make a terrible server as it will blow up your power bill (this coming from someone who runs a cluster of three home servers). Even with the GPUs removed the CPUs are likely 775 65nm or 45nm Core 2s and the rig will idle at over 100W. Use this as a HTPC, a tinkering workstation, or something - just don't run it 24/7 unless your electricity is free.

  27. I had a dual opteron 6386SE with 512GB RAM as work was chucking it. I ran it for a few months until I saw my energy bill...

  28. Yeah I retired it years ago when I found out an i7 could run circles around it for almost everything (I was never doing extremely high-threaded work)

  29. I was out not long ago and only had one drink and went to get pizza, on my way to getting pizza, I got all the symptoms of a spike... literally had never felt that bad in my life. I had to sit down and jesus christ, next thing I know my cousin was throwing me into the back of an Uber and tucking me into bed, shit isn't a good time at all and fuck people who spike other people.

  30. I had my drink spiked a couple of years back in the city after rebuffing a guy who was convinced I was gay despite being there with my girlfriend at the time and he got super shitty with me and stormed off.

  31. Damn, sorry that happened to you! I'm 6'5, 110KG myself so I was surprised I got hit so hard, must've been a big dose.

  32. I'm also 6'5" but around 140KG myself. I'm also wondering if my meds didn't have have some kind of impact as I'm on mood stabilisers...

  33. Everyone should be given a small squirt bottle on entry, I don’t want to deal with those people that use the sauce as an injector in a shared setting.

  34. Just rock up to your local 7-11 and empty the sauce packets in to your bag. Win-win!

  35. Of course people change. Really irks me to hear people throw out the trite 'people never change' line. Like, have you truly never learned anything in your life that forced you to grow and change your behavior? Have you never grown as a person whatsoever? That's tragic. Pathetic, really.

  36. I agree with this. If people couldn't change then therapy would be a total waste of time. It doesn't just go for cheating it goes for a huge number of things in peoples lives. Work, friendships, relationships - all of it. And sometimes people don't realise they need to change until they fuck up.

  37. Show the clips next to the names, that would actually make me watch credits, contrary to 5 minutes of random names

  38. enter enter escape click all the mouse buttons

  39. In 2001/2002 we used to mix vodka into the shake machine whenever we had shamrock shakes. It wasn't like a special order, we just straight up put it in the machine, so ALL of them were alcoholic.

  40. Wonder how many people got DUIs from this...

  41. If it helps, it was a mall McDonalds, so there was no drive-thru. Still though, we WERE right by the exit of the mall, so they could easily have walked right out the door to their car.

  42. All good hahaha. Drive through would've been a lot more scary...

  43. I knew a guy who was a regular at a pub I used to go to who worked for the Office of Police Integrity. He was a very jaded, hard drinking man who had a lot of opinions on the police and unions. None of it was praise.

  44. Hell, as a native English speaker this happens to me... anytime I'm speaking with either someone who's got an English or Australian accent, I'll end up slipping into a mixed accent myself. Takes real concentration not to slip into the "fake accent".

  45. When I had an American girlfriend people kept thinking I was Canadian because I had a weird mixed accent.

  46. I’ve never really understood the desire for bred animals - so many breeds have known major issues! All my cats have been pound babies of unknown and likely accidental origins.

  47. I'll admit I have a Maine Coon (in Australia) because I wanted a bigger cat. She's 13 and aside from some sight-related issues and some teeth issues she's been 100% healthy. Helps she was genetically tested etc. and the breeder provided the family tree showing there was no in-breeding.

  48. One dead giveaway was when she suggested a walk through the streets at 4am, just the two of us.

  49. I went on a wander with my date last week just to get some fresh air and we walked through some questionable parts of town together. I didn't even think about it but she said she'd never normally think about doing it and feeling comfortable. I had never thought of it as a sign of feeling comfortable because I'm apparently clueless...

  50. Everybody in this comment section thinks bacon covered in egg and bread crumbs is gonna brown and get crispy. Yikes.

  51. I ended up getting free sausage rolls at my regular pub because someone was ordering the beef and bacon ones then saying it was raw because it was pink-ish on the inside. The pink was the bacon because it's wrapped in pastry... She then re-ordered them and again, pink-ish on the inside and no amount of convincing would make her believe they were indeed cooked properly.

  52. It’s most likely born of a confluence of factors. If I recall correctly, it has some heritability, which implicates genetics. However, it’s also associated with a wide variety of other factors: periods of high stress, use of certain drugs, certain prenatal factors, the list goes on. It’s thus very difficult to prevent it. One person could live a stress-free, drug-free life surrounded by nature and still develop it, while another person could work a stressful job and smoke weed daily and be fine (relatively speaking).

  53. Yeah, it's generally lumped in to 'epigenetics' and there's a number of different factors around. It's true of a lot of mental illness and high levels of stress etc. is believed to have an impact on it.

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