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  1. I don't think you've followed her enough.This is the only era where her vocals were done like that on the album and some LIVE performances.She's definitely among the best modern LIVE vocalists/singers and one of the best possibly of all time.

  2. None of those are auto-tuned, which makes the First Take one all the more bizarre.

  3. I mean her producer loves to use auto tune so I guess someone told her/forced her to do it.She doesn't use auto tune when she's performing during her concerts and nails it every time.She's an amazing LIVE vocalist/singer.

  4. You're wrong.Afghanistan hated us since 1947 and it is the only country to not recognize Pakistan as an independent country to this day.

  5. Avril Lavigne losing all of her eight Grammy nominations still hurts me as a fan.She deserved to win a few of them at least.She was nominated four times each in 2003 and 2004 and then never got another nomination till now.She released a new album this year called Love Sux(2022) and rumors are that she might get nominated and then,hopefully wins this time.I know awards don't matter much but it will nice to see her win after over 20 years in the music business(1999-present).

  6. That's not so recent.She has another album out called Love Sux(2022).Head Above Water(2019) is an album too.Listen to all seven of her studio albums.

  7. What a classic match.Congratulations Pakistan and well played to India.

  8. Avril Lavigne has her own The Avril Lavigne Foundation since 2010,which helps people who have Lyme Disease and serious illnesses and disabilities.She's worked with special needs children as well as performed at the Special Olympics in 2015 and 2019 as well as inviting these special needs children to her concerts in 2014.

  9. My sister Sasha somehow got herself involved with a criminal group. She thought they were nice at first and she quickly got herself into it. She later realised they were really bad people and tried to get out. She got out what she assumed was safely so didn't bother to get extra protection or anything. But she forgot one thing: they knew where she lived. She stayed living there and for the next few months her life was peaceful. She didn't tell us about the criminal group, we only know because someone else told us. Our friend was over at Sasha's to discuss something when they heard something outside and Sasha peeked through the curtains. Our friend says Sasha visibly began to panic and quickly locked her door and told my friend all about the group. She told my friend to escape through the back window and she'd keep them distracted. Our friend had no clue what was going on. Sasha never came back and we don't think the group knew anyone else was there that night but we are all wary now, especially me and my other siblings because we don't know if Sasha ever mentioned us. We did contact police.

  10. Hey.I'm sorry for your loss.Avril Lavigne has amazing music which you can definitely relate to.Check out her other studio albums on Spotify.She has seven studio albums in total and released a new album in 2022 as well.You should listen to the album "Goodbye Lullaby" and all the others but,especially to songs like "Wish You Were Here,"Hush Hush","Head Above Water" and "Avalanche."

  11. I listen to those songs quite often. Sasha used to make me listen to her all the time and now she's the person who gets me through everyday, she's the closest thing I have to any connection of Sasha.

  12. I'm so glad she did that.God bless your family.And don't check out Avril Lavigne's entire discography if you haven't already.All her seven studio albums are amazing.Sending you all the love and prayers.

  13. In case you haven't listened to all her studio albums,they are listed down below.Check them out.

  14. Woah new album? Perfect opportunity to join the show!

  15. Yeah.Listen to all of the seven studio albums.They are all great,in my opinion.

  16. She's always been great and has released albums in 201-2013,2019 and 2022 to go with her 2002,2004 and 2007 studio albums.She never went away and was always active.

  17. Thanks for being kind and respectful.We all have different tastes in music.I hope you like her albums if you decide the listen to them someday again and also like her future albums.

  18. She's also bigger in Japan than anywhere else except Canada (and that's only because she's a Canadian herself)

  19. She huge in every Asia country.China,Philppines,Japan,Malaysia,South Korea,etc but also big in South America(especially Brazil).She regained a lot of popularity in the US in the last few years and especially in 2022.She performed at arenas in Canada this year,where obviously,she's big due to it being her home country.

  20. Love it! I'm glad the era is still on going. I hope she drops the rumored deluxe edition of Love Sux soon.

  21. yes can you stop accusing me of not having listened to enough Avril Lavigne. This happened on

  22. I think her albums are good except Head Above Water,which does have good songs but is meh.6/7 studio albums of Avril Lavigne are good in my eyes.I respect your opinion.I would've put Maroon 5 on that list instead of Avril Lavigne.Maroon 5 is way worse.Avril Lavigne is still good.And for me,her albums have more highs than lows.

  23. thats wasn't the point tho, the point is not "bad music" but fake deep music people who think they are edgy or too cool for pop listened to at 14, maroon 5 is like some of the most generic pop there is, its not the kind of stuff 14 year old edgelords listen to

  24. Oh I see now.I do think I misunderstood you as well.I'm very sorry that.I listen to many artists not just Avril.I sincerely aplolgize.Have a nice day.

  25. 100% true.There are two corrupt families - the Sharifs and the Bhuttos.

  26. Maggie Lindemann is cool.Listen to her song "She Knows It."

  27. Avril Lavigne's entire discography is great.Listen to all of her seven studio albums.

  28. Saw her live at the Juno Awards this a few months ago and my 12-year-old self was THOROUGHLY fulfilled. And she still has a MASSIVE following. To see that she lost 0/8 GRAMMY's just SUCKS because she is just such a Canadian and WORLD treasure. Glad to see her getting recognition!

  29. She sounds amazing LIVE in concert and always has.She performed at ACM Honors Awards(country music) honoring Shania Twain and sang her song "No One Needs To Know" which was amazingly sung(it will air on TV on 13th September 2022).

  30. That video was not racist.Her Japanese fans loved it and she even hired a Japanese director for the music video.And yes,I am Asian too.

  31. Do your research.Japanese people living in Japan liked it.Japanese Americans are most likely born in the US and may not fully understand the Japanese culture completely.And these kinds of things have happened in my country too.I can give proof if you want.

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