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  1. Clip a pair or three of vise grips on that thing. I don't leave home without em.

  2. Agreed. We camped at Waldo and hooked into the roadless area a week before the lightening. The whole area is toast :/

  3. I don't always go hooking, but when I do it's always into roadless areas.

  4. Yeah do it. Most states have one and they are all different. The Oregon gambler is more like a pilgrimage to a festival and other states do an overland expedition. But the whole point is to travel from points A to point B Offroad.

  5. You forgot the stewardship part. Picking up others trash is more the driving force than offroading in my opinion. Big ups for mentioning the Gambler though.

  6. Did you see the crazy homeless drug camp just east of I-5? .... one of the guys tried to follow me up the mountain in the dark. Super creepy.

  7. The problem isn’t the necessarily the weather itself, but the fact that it’s fall and not cooling down or raining more. Its only a sign that global warming is getting way way worse. So even though it’s nice that it’s sunny out still, it’s hard for me not to be reminded as to why. Not like we’ve had any shortage of hot, sunny days though this summer

  8. ***you need a license to transmit on them, not to listen.

  9. Nah, what you need to do, OP, is get on the ham bands talking shit and get the hammies all riled up. Nobody owns a frequency, and the alphabet assholes don't give a fuck.

  10. Nothing can suppress mosquitoes. Long pants, long sleeves and lots of tolerance. If they become too much, go to the mall.

  11. "...if you can't handle being in the environment, get back to town and hide in a building."

  12. Another Californian stealing our land and destroying our economy while the real locals are forced to move elsewhere to survive.

  13. "stealing" land means buying and paying for it? God damn you're dumb as fuck.

  14. Who equates a social media algorithm with democracy?

  15. Wow! Had no idea this was the way. Crazy that the seeds are that valuable now, that the rest is just cast away.

  16. Different breeds of pumpkins are good for different things. Some are bred to produce seeds without shells that are plump and flavorful. Those pumpkins aren't going to have flavorful flesh like sugar pumpkins do. May as well keep the nutrients in the soil when you harvest!

  17. Well yeah, the last part you said is pretty obvious to anyone who touches soil all day most days. I've just never seen the seed harvester, and never thought about the difference in varieties for seed crop vs flesh crop. I learned things, it was good.

  18. Yellowstone is almost a 1000 km away from Portland, its at least a 12 hour drive and you have to go over some mountain passes to get there. The park should be open but I'd definitely make reservations first and get an idea of whats going on that time of year. the weather in Portland in winter is usually cold and rainy, highs in the 50s and lows in the 40's. We do get occasional bouts of colder weather including snow which is most common in Jan/Feb. I think access to Crater Lake is limited in the winter but you'd want to check with the park. Mt. Hood is usually pretty well maintained but chains are required and it can be icy or slick depending on if we've had a storm which aren't uncommon in winter. In town you can always check out Powells, the food and beer scene is popping, I really like the Chinese Garden in winter, especially when its raining. Hope you have a good trip.

  19. 13.25 hours, one way, if you don't stop, in good weather. Chance of all of those actually happening? A snowballs chance in Coachella.

  20. Its like "people are handing out edibles to your children on halloween!!!"

  21. My mother met Drazen and asked her how she plans to balance her religion with politics. Drazen's response to her was (according to my mom); "You just let everyone know that you won't compromise on your religious beliefs".

  22. I almost impulse down-voted you at "you won't compromise on your religious beliefs" and had to remind myself that those aren't your words. Like, I get that people's personal beliefs color how they perceive the world, but come on man. You're not running the state for you, and you're not running the state specifically for the people who share your beliefs, you're running the state for all of the people who live there. That statement just puts a sour taste in my mouth.

  23. You'd think it'd be illegal for politicians to say shit like this, because you know, separation of church and state.

  24. It’s probably just because I work in the woods but summer is a nice break from being wet all day and shivering on my way home

  25. This guy Oregons. I am not looking forward to my feet being clammy inside of rubber for the next 8 months. Bring on this 90° weekend, I'm hitting the river.

  26. Soon your only solace will be ether dry clothes when you get back to your rig or a warm shower when you get home

  27. Close, but no cigar. Putting a wood stove in my home pretty soon. Standing over a forced air vent just doesn't get ya warm after a cold, wet day in the sticks.

  28. Do you just like, milk their little grease teats? Or what…

  29. Are they free range fish though?

  30. All Natural Organic Free Range Fair Trade Gluten Free Low Sodium Equal Opportunity Cruelty Free Regenerative Agriculture


  32. Thanks, never heard that term before. Maybe they count the shore line 2x if you own both sides of the river?

  33. That would be a classic real estate scam-esque move, for sure. Now I want to call and ask the realtor.

  34. Maybe they want to attack you because they need help. Does it make any sense? Nope. Does it happen frequently regardless? Yup.

  35. I once saw a nice pair of pants lying on the ground in the park. As I reached for them, a homeless man shouted "somebody abandoned those for a reason" Be careful while cleaning up. Always expect poop to be where you wouldn't usually expect it to be.

  36. Umpqua for the ice cream. Tillamook for cheese. Otherwise, yes.

  37. You're not wrong but if you had to reside in a state to donate to a political group/person then the DNC and RNC would not exist (likewise a solid chunk of all ballot measures nationally.) It's arguably one of the ways the United States are united, but with super pacs and the like it's also arguably selling democracy to the highest bidder.

  38. United through corruption? I'd rather not. I get that it's more than some farmer who probably clears a million or two a year, this example just ripped that fleshwound back open and poured some salt in it. Also interesting to me because I'm involved in the same industry.

  39. I've heard the Shaniko government is corrupt.

  40. How many towns with double digit populations can you name that aren't corrupt? They're almost fiefdoms.

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