1. Nice, good luck. I carry a p07 and its been great. A very confidence inspiring weapon.

  2. Charles would tell people to stop eating meat and they can’t have that

  3. Have you researched this? The info quality is high, and publicly available. You just have to spend 10 minutes looking into it (or hours, like i have.)

  4. They're making the world a much more real place. No more a veneer of financial engineering to hide systemic dysfunction.

  5. Bernanke was Fed chair at that time. When the patient overdosed on morphine, his solution was to inject more morphine (at a faster rate this time, he suggested).

  6. I understand, the options are gone today. My point was this mess was created in large part by the fed in the first place.

  7. How will they wake up when they listen to state funded media and regurgitate their talking points?

  8. Millennial here. I'm sure as hell not bringing kids into this shit show of a society.

  9. Millennial checking in, I'm three kids deep but im shutting down shop

  10. Just one of those things. Knew we wouldnt have just one, thought we would have 2 because our own siblings are pretty important to wife and me.

  11. FF7 really is a great analogy for our current situation.

  12. Word, FFVIII was the crème de la crème of the franchise

  13. I trust Israeli intelligence about as much as I trust US intelligence, which is to say not at all.

  14. Lmao US intelligence is the most detailed information on the planet what are you talking about

  15. He just has his grubby meathooks in everything, doesn't he?

  16. Its broken. The hospitals cant keep staff, the people cant afford care.

  17. Damn bitch, why didn't anyone tell me you can opt out?

  18. There are colleges here in SoCal where they have overnight parking lots for the homeless students. That’s builds a survival skill set.

  19. You must be in the same vicinity as i am. Its like this storm took the path of maximum carnage

  20. They're both great and often have very similar deals. Shipping will be about $30 for either though.

  21. S tier: M&P, P10, TP9 A tier: APX, Glock, FN509, Arex Delta B Tier: Stoeger, Taurus, all the other Turk strikers

  22. If you think the situation is that simple you might as well have no morals because there are A LOT of shades of gray.

  23. Yea i couldnt tell if he was describing hamas or israel. Description fits both.

  24. Oh Its not so bad when you realize you arent actually free and your history and heritage are a lie.

  25. For me, it's like a rumor I've heard but never pursued. I have grown up with this notion that Taurus makes good revolvers and mediocre automatics.

  26. This is my thought too. I’ve had bad experiences with their semis and one 22 revolver in the past and it’s made me cautious of most their products. I’ve had good experiences with their tracker and raging bull revolvers though.

  27. If i put 1000+ flawless rounds through a gun, and assuming a sufficient amount of those were carry ammo, i would feel comfortable carrying that gun until it gave me a reason not to.

  28. Lets do Thursday, Wednesday is my birthday and I’d rather not go the same day I came in.

  29. Also, if you have a traditional pulldown attic door, something like an aluminum attic door insulation cover is a good investment. Not much money, easy to instal in a few minutes.

  30. Do you have any prodict in mind? I dont live in the States and i dont know what to look for? Thanks in advance.

  31. Sounds a bit farfetched, and it seems early to say, but thats the headline on my tv atm: fatalities in the hundreds.

  32. And it feels good using one. It still says BALI-SONG on the Blade, i got it new in box as old stock from my knife dealer. The steel holds the edge very well, but its hard to get it past shaving sharp. Scales are some sort of fiber in resin composite, frame is titanium. Was my first high quality folder, and probably (will) last. Just love the craftsmanship on this thing. It withstood any use a threw at it so far; my personal choice of blade when SAKs are too flimsy. And a pocket clip; easier too hold onto it. Ergonomics are great. Was skeptical of the hype a few years back, but it convinced me. Everything on this blade is well thought out and executed. Quality just has its own feeling; but since I sharpen a lot, a 20 Dollar knife can do most I ask of it; although it is just saver and more secure to use something good. Only gripe? Its more or less a "stabby knife" , and the one hand opening makes carrying it "problematic" in Germany. I like well executed and sharpened tanto blades though, the peak of the angle between main blade section and tip is a nice slicer; pizza, leather , onions , fabric, card board, they all just don't stand a chance. Well, you didn't ask for this reply, but I'm commuting and felt like telling you. Have a good day!

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