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  1. Wherever she feels like... Not in her bed is the Best place.

  2. We've all been there. 6 months later I am fighting for my side of the bed.

  3. He sleeps on the floor a lot. You can try to moisturize this spot so it wont be so rough. I will not recommend what should You use but I had Castor Oil (google translated :/) and it helped.

  4. If there was no need to purchase it for OW1. I hardly doubt that You will be required to do so for OW2 beta.

  5. Well it work likes this right now if want to be in t500 list. You have to give Your phone number, yoh get a text, You input digts and You are verified. I guess there will be no difference for Ow2.

  6. I love how well-mannered he looks in this photo. It might be surprising how well mannered he will actually be xD

  7. Redirect biting :) literally carry a toy with You. Starts to bite, shuv toy instead of Your hand and learn him to bite stuff that he actually can bite. This will also save most of Your furniture in future.

  8. They only grow in size... Brain-wise, yea well, this is debatable :P

  9. This is the lifestyle I want to live... Bubblebath, somebody rubbing my chest while I fall asleep. What a champ :D

  10. Dead duck behind - check, fluffy chest - check, hair everywhere around -check. Golden Retriever quality certificate awarded.

  11. And that is how You make a labrador out of golden retriever ;D It will grow back, no worries. Looks funny as hell tho ;D

  12. I usually ask my dog to kindly move from my half of the bed :/ and it does not work every time.

  13. Try precision Mouse inputs on it increses Hz in aim sampling

  14. Last one is a banger! Full blown "stranger danger call".

  15. Sometimes I am actually mad that i got Golden in the first place. Mine is 3 now. I can't even imagine what will happen in the end of our adventure. She got me through some of the darkest days of my life.

  16. Because even though You understand this basic idea of having an even fight. Some people simply want to play Overwatch as Call of Duty and enjoy getting evaporated by a full enemy squad. I feel You man ^^

  17. Yes, graphics and audio overhaul will be included in free pvp update.

  18. The "I am about to steal Your girlfriend" look. Very handsome!

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