Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.


Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

  1. Loog called him out on his bad form and since barndoor was outside of his element (not a thicc boy produshon) he had to eat it up and just repeat some dumb bs. BC was loving it.

  2. Yeah I’m really gonna take whiskey advice from burnt chrysler and Toe. Awso, did he say get it from thiccboi dot gom?!?!

  3. Selling booze from the thiggboi website sounds %100 legal

  4. This redact recently said his first specials name was inspired by Nate Diaz

  5. Pubg has poor net code and inconsistent hit registration since forever.

  6. The most fun I remember having in PUGB was when they came out with Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. I don't think think the maps played that much better than Erangel but for me that was peak PUBG. Everyone I know has moved onto other games since.

  7. Back when map selection was a thing in NA, good times!

  8. Problem is there are too many maps and pubg insists on keeping Miramar and Erangel in the rotation.

  9. Personally, I like a little grass on the field.

  10. Makes it too hard to spot people and costs fps, happier with it gone

  11. MT shorts, with kneepads and boxing shoes.

  12. At the peak of popularity, this game had 10 man team mode. Those games were fun and hectic as hell.

  13. They should bring 8 and 10 man squads back, was so fun

  14. Aurora borealis on Vikendi. It was so beautiful and the sound was just the best.

  15. Not sure about the sound, but the visuals were definitely nice

  16. Ufc fighters should start getting sponsors for their nicknames. I'd love to see belal '' Muhammed and colby 'mybookie' covington.

  17. Give him Conor at 155 or 170, red panty night and anyone could win

  18. The ufc definitely owes RDA some kind of red panty night

  19. Sanhok has been moved out of the rotation and replaced with Deston in 19.1.

  20. Hope that pubg can come up with a solution for some form of map selection/exclusion that actually works.

  21. Dudes head shaped like a lightbulb

  22. Pubg needs to stop making new maps with a declining player base, and on top on that, always keeping Miramar and Erangel in the random map rotation.

  23. Guess we’re posting every head kick KO in ufc history until Saturday lol

  24. He's an amazing fighter, but his persona is not for me, can barely hate watch *him outside of the cage

  25. Tony took the fight to show solidarity with Nate and boost the PPV sales for Nate’s final send off. Tony and Nate are kindred spirits.

  26. Nate vs Tony would have been a much better match up

  27. Comic Sans is the font to use here perhaps?

  28. The Chris taking an additional knee to the back of the head, feels bad

  29. Till and Jorge telling each other they wanted to scrap for 40 minutes. Strangely compelling viewing despite this.

  30. I liked the outdoor setting, with the moderator in between.

  31. People in this sub tend to parrot whatever popular streamers opinions are.

  32. I hated it from day one, never had to do with what any streamer said about it, i even argued against some streamers about it.

  33. Whatever the way, hating on Sanhok is a thing in this sub, a hate that doesn't stack up to its actual popularity.

  34. That’s right.. 3 million active players left this game. A game which at one point had sold 75 million copies. They’ve all left.

  35. That pubg keeps releasing new maps with a steadily declining player base, shows you just how out of touch they are.

  36. Schaub would smoke a lot of heavyweights today. He was really skilled and athletic. I know his comedy sucks but I’d rather watch him then 90% of the clowns in the heavyweight division now a days

  37. Lol, what? Brandon was not particularly skilled or athletic, his striking was sloppy and he would trip over his feet from sloppy footwork

  38. Do you watch the heavyweight division now? He’s definitely very athletic for a heavyweight and was a Bjj brown belt when he competed. Cut the bullshit he played D1 football you think he’s not athletic

  39. If you look at that dude move and think athletically gifted, not sure what to tell you.

  40. I've been trying to figure out what it is about Sean that won't allow me to get on his side, and I figured it out. He hasn't proven himself where he's in a war and pulls it out. He doesn't owe me shit, but that would earn some respect from me and many others. It's either he's too big and long for this opponent, or he has an excuse for losing. Let's see him get his face smashed and get through adversity and pull out a war-type win. Is he built for that, because those are the guys we want to see.

  41. Dude got rinsed by 40 year old Urijah lul.

  42. If old Faber would have landed those shots on Sean it would have been lights out as well.

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