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  1. Mi volt már a mostani halaszthatatlan bejelentésen?

  2. Native USDC has been announced recently. Also there will be a new one named "Ultra" on Juno.

  3. Huh undelegate is broken. I’ll get that fixed tonight, but redelegate works for me. Any issues there?

  4. Nope, after a refresh the redelegate menu is working. Only the undelegate is the broken

  5. This is all fixed, sorry for the confusion!

  6. Central exchange validator. Like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken

  7. I’m a newb to Cosmos and know almost nothing, but I believe that when you vote no with veto you’re risking your tokens if the vote gets a majority yes

  8. Risking my tokens? Like what? And what will happen if the majority votes NO WITH VETO?

  9. No you can import your ledger into keplr and choose a validator your self

  10. So I must use a hot wallet to stake ATOM? But if I stick with the official ledger validator I also have to use a hot wallet?

  11. Use keplr and look for a validator its better this way

  12. So staking with the official ledger validator won't give me more safety than the others?

  13. The only exchange that’s does not have atom is FTX I use coin base for my atom purchase. You can also use atom with there card so you do not have to worry about exchange fees to much plus you can get some crypto while using it.

  14. How can you get crypto? Does it have some reward system?

  15. Any exchange is free to buy osmosis and list. Osmosis won't be providing any discounted tokens to any cex, they've previously said something along the lines of "you're welcome to list us, but you'll have to buy us the same way everyone else does"

  16. Are you planning to add it to add a button / link on the side menu of

  17. Yes this is being worked on as we speak by the front end

  18. Thanks, but how did you find it because here it's not listed at all, search function doesn't find it?

  19. Every pool is listed there, even the ones below $1000

  20. Update from the community: See you in 14 days.

  21. is good yes, the dev (eco stake) frequently replies on my dm’s and also regularly updates the app.

  22. as i know they are the same team which developes the dexmos app, am I right?

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