1. That's because he'll be Magic Mike, a mutant with the power of stripping.

  2. Do you guys think they'll get a new director because MOM was badly received?

  3. Bruh Raimi's direction is one of the best parts of it

  4. Dude the suit is about as accurate as you get to Golden Age Superman.

  5. Literally why did they not use the first one? So he's not so exposed they could've just thrown a cloak on him and boom...done.

  6. Hope, Optimism and Joy is everything a superman should be and all these 3 things were missing from Snyder Supes. And also I fucking hate the black suit. I want Henry Supes Suit to be more colorful and bright

  7. I loved Punisher but Billy was still way too pretty after the fight.

  8. Seems Marvel needs a better plumber with all these leaks.

  9. Marvel please stop taking your cool and unique logos and then making them basic as fuck ☹️. Secret invasion, armor wars, and quantumania all have the same cubic text logos

  10. I like the first logo they released for it the most

  11. I wouldn't mind if we don't get another Ahsoka. We have Mando Ahsoka. Her white sabers are cool af.

  12. They're like all anti-heroes or reformed villains. One's even a hero. It's hardly villain-centric

  13. My biggest problem with 'What If...?' was the dialogue. It was fucking atrocious.

  14. I did like that episode but I did have a problem with how apathetic they seemed about killing their friends.

  15. Huh, I wonder if they have other plans for Bushwacker.

  16. How would that make any sense? Rn Morgan should be like 7 or so in the current mcu

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