1. Someone’s been in the drag race discord server I’m in they said the same thing

  2. This helped my depression for 10 minutes thank you so much

  3. TFW OP does not wanna see us let it out. They wanna see us keep it in

  4. i'd prefer a beating with a tire iron over listening to any sort of drag music. it's all just so shit. some royalty free beats with bad lyrics in horrible sound quality.. why??

  5. How they arbitrarily sent Trixie home here, lol. Ugh, she looks back on this and shits on herself all the time but! she was up this point the fan favorite.

  6. She didn’t even do that bad and came up with an idea the judges enjoyed and best Pearl in the lipsync but still went home, also probably because they were scared of one of her potential snatch game characters being Anne Frank

  7. I was sitting in the front row and Sam Pauly looked me dead in the eye, winked at me, and blew me a kiss. So this is now my favorite show.

  8. I don’t enjoy sitting front row but I had a similar experience front row at company with Patti staring at me for a few seconds, those little moments make the show sometimes

  9. Best ride in the park, dinosaur, is only five minutes? Let’s go!

  10. Katya, because she loves to eat ass.

  11. Eh phantoms probably gonna keep pushing back closing dates to milk money

  12. I have been to 6 theatres and about to have my first two repeats, not a very big goal since I go for shows I want to see over getting all the theatre

  13. Mine was four Greta Van fleet songs with a broadway song slapped in the middle

  14. Built by nations, when the curtain falls, ladies who lunch, heat above, safari song were my top five, idk how safari song got there tho

  15. I love that TVs present people from leaving queues but in real life they make people want to leave

  16. I think that’s the only coaster where I’ve been afraid of falling out

  17. You misspelled I have always been as “this sub has always been”

  18. Silver star is the tallest European coaster as Spain becomes its own continent

  19. Cabaret has 8 to 10(depending on the blocking of maybe this time and the finale) songs sang within the Kit Kat Club that are meant to be this style

  20. Potato sack slide down the quarry wall sounds like fun.

  21. That would be like the slide in Detroit… fuck yes let’s do it

  22. People think Kylie should’ve won snatch game but Ginger totally deserved it too imo

  23. I thought Stephanie and silky should’ve been at the bottom. Anita wasn’t the best I thought the other 2 were worse

  24. No definitely, besides not knowing where the jokes were going silky like on season 11 felt more like a version of herself than the celebrity

  25. It’s not a new show but Chicago is gonna have jinkx monsoon starting Jan 16 and she is an absolute powerhouse

  26. She is the reason I am going to see Chicago. I have never seen the show before, but she definitely is a great incentive!

  27. Ive seen it once because they drew me in for Mother’s Day with Pamela Anderson, didn’t rly enjoy the sets but I’m in the same boat she was enough to draw me back

  28. There is a reason no uk2 girls have gotten around to a vs the world

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