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  1. As most people have said the primary driver for the increased cost is the decreased supply. Ruger bought Marlin and has only just now started re-releasing the 1895’s. Henry still produces some lever actions but not in the quantities that Marlin was producing them at prior to their purchase by Ruger. That pushed the price of the pre-Ruger Marlin’s up really high because their availability fell. Combine that with an increase in demand thanks to movies like Wind River, and the Jurassic Park Lost World movies and now you have an increase demand for lever action rifles by a specific company that no longer makes them in a niche caliber that is pretty much rated for large American game in a fairly short brush gun. This artificial supply limitation is further by the lack of stock in lever actions at most firearm retailers. Think about the last time you went into a Bass Pro/Cabelas/Scheels or even an LGS and saw a Marlin or Henry in 45-70 sitting on the rack. They just don’t have very many in stock.

  2. Who are some centrist candidates who might appeal to a moderate Libertarian with very slight anarcho-capitalist leanings? I don’t want theocratic-neoconservatives and I don’t want neo-modern communitarianists?

  3. Just DM’ed you. I am opening up an SRE role at my company in AZ if your interested. Just shoot me your resume.

  4. How accurate is it as far as powder load, bullet seating and how often do you stop to do a quality check?

  5. At the end of the video you see the tablet has a little popup and the press stops. That particular stop condition was the digital powder check die reporting a powder error condition. It stops the press and that gives me an opportunity to check the powder levels with a scale on that case that fired the error condition and I will usually grab the last round in station 10 and give it a quick check in my trusty Dillon case gauge.

  6. It's running well! I had 2 issues with sensors early on (Primer Orientation and the upside down primer sensor on the Primer Express both didn't work), but Mark 7 support was great and replaced them. Since getting the new ones, I ran about 3k 9mm rounds in a single session and all came out great. Sensors alerted maybe 4 times when something was wrong and it was quickly fixed and then back up and running. Looking forward to getting some 223 and 300BO from it. I still need to do load dev on those calibers though, and I'll probably just do that on my XL750 because it's simpler to tweak on that, and then setup the A10 for volume production. Any benefit to swaging on the loading step and not on the processing step? Or do you do it on both? The Swagesense is one of my sensors that I haven't been able to get working yet, but I'm not worried about it for 9mm.

  7. Nice!!! Glad to hear that they took care of you. As my post indicates I replaced the primer shuttle disk with their updated one and have not had any problems since with primers seating properly and it ran as smooth as butter.

  8. Right??? I was shocked myself when I realized what had happened. I had never had a fever dream before, and I think I had it in the worst place and at the worst time. 0 stars would not do again.

  9. 104°F is equivalent to 40°C, which is 313K.

  10. I am so grateful that a scheels is opening up near me in Arizona. I used to get my components from Sportsman’s Warehouse but even they are having trouble stocking items. So now its either online or smaller independent retailers whose prices are even higher.

  11. I guess we know how mr silencer lost his license.

  12. Did he?? I know he merged with East Valley Tactical, but wasn’t aware of any license revocations on the part of Bruce.

  13. I like how BusinessInsider is basically claiming in the article that the 7MM-08 cartridge that Sig redesigned with an steel cartridge base to call the .277 Fury is some new dangerous enhancement to firearms when the parent round with the same fucking ballistics have been around since 1980… “Won’t someone please think of the children…” Again the price tag of the platform and custom rounds make this a basically pointless marketing gimmick except for DoD since the cartridges are too expensive to shoot in a semi-auto platform at basically $1.65 a round.

  14. Thanks for the link to the Molex connectors! I may save myself a little time and just buy them already wired on both ends:

  15. Sorry for the late reply, was up north enjoying some fishing and hiking with the pups this past weekend and just got back to internet.

  16. Sounds like a nice weekend! And no problem...I can't tell you how much I appreciate your collaboration on this concept. I'll definitely post pictures here and in the Reloading discord once I get this done. My A10 arrives today, but I'll be leaving for a trip soon so won't have too much time to play around for a few more weeks. Hopefully I get it all done by mid Aug though.

  17. In the link you provided for the molex crimp housings you can see there is a stop tab just off center from the connector and then a tension tab (the wings you referred to) that almost meets with the center of the connector. So basically you push the connector through the hole you made in your ABS sheet and the stop tab stops it from moving forward and the tension tabs keep it semi locked in place. The autodrive circuitry housing uses the same concept so you will have something to visually reference when your A10 arrives.

  18. WA has essentially said that since the insurance is provided before the trial there's no way to determine if the insurance is covering a legal act of self defense or an illegal act of murder. Because of this, they have determined ccw insurance illegal as it would be "insurance of a crime".

  19. That’s is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard State regulators ever come up with… I’d like to know if their definition of “retainer” is also “insurance of a crime”.

  20. Anything is better than nothing. Remember any state no matter how pro-2A they may appear to be, is always 10 times more pro-state than pro-citizen. Which means they will happily defend cops who killed you for answering your door with a firearm or pointing a BB gun inside your hotel but visible from the window (I am obviously in AZ), but will come down like the force of a thousand young suns on any citizen who uses their firearm in a defensive situation. Why, because the state needs to maintain an absolutely monopoly on violence. We can’t have every day citizens proving the the state and its agents are pointless and less efficient/effective in the defensive of individual life or property. If that were the case, then large portions of the state budget towards the criminal justice system would evaporate. So they will invade your life, pick apart every conversation, text message, and email to see if you for any reason have a propensity to use your firearm in any manner other than in the upmost life or death situation, and will prosecute you for any reason they can find just to discourage others from becoming defensively self sufficient. Dependency on the state is necessary for the maintenance and increase in their budgets.

  21. I will apparently kill me and I will know how to do it and where my gold is buried.

  22. Sportsman’s Warehouse had a few of them at the Chandler location so I assume they have them at the Mesa location.

  23. Never been shooting in the desert, am I legally allowed to shoot steel targets at this place? Just don't want to get in trouble

  24. You are fine to shoot steel in the desert as long as there are no fire restrictions, that you use freestanding target stands (e.g. don’t hang your steel from live plants or trees), and that you don’t use explosives or explosive targets, fireworks, tracer/incendiary ammunition.

  25. Thats one of the reasons people would watch it! It’s why I watch AvE on Youtube, he doesn’t take himself too seriously

  26. Ok, I promise I will make a channel and let you guys know about it as as soon as the damn digital powder measures come in. (Spencer at Mark-VII said he could probably steal a couple from the SHOT show exhibit for me since they are still back ordered quite a bit).

  27. Definitely not match grade… 😉 since I wouldn’t consider 55gn pills to be match grade.

  28. So the basic Apex 10 with ergo roller handle can be had in one caliber for about $2800 which includes the case feeder and the Mr bullet feeder setup for that caliber. The autodrive, sensors, FW Arms Dies, automated primer collator/feeder, and offload system pushed it to just north of $7500. Extra toolheads, and caliber change parts eventually has me at $8.8K but I have quite a few calibers that I load.

  29. Absolutely glad to help! Sorry to hear about the house work related to the leak. I had a washing machine leak once and it was a PITA to get that repaired and reimbursed by the washing machine company while paying the homeowners insurance for that claim.

  30. Beautiful shot! Congrats to your Daughter for making one hell of a shot on a 7mm and taking a great looking Coes in a single shot. Also congrats to you for teaching her to shoot so well. The vapor trail looked like one of those AIM-9 missiles in the original Top Gun.

  31. I had two cards get compromised, one month apart from each other. Both were used at BA. I placed an order, card got compromised, waited three weeks for replacement, finished my order, new card immediately compromised. I however have ordered from them a few times recently and have had zero issues, so it appears they plugged the leak.

  32. Damn, you too! I was always curious if I was the only one that got their card compromised at

  33. I didn't know if it was BPG, aero, or BA on the first one. But quickly found out it was BA

  34. Yeah. Because my virtual cards are linked to one website and one website only, Capital One told me immediately that it was the virtual card number associated with Ballistic Advantage. BTW thanks for the recommendation to the new reloader. Just sen him some more parts!

  35. u\rose-colored-lesbian Never thought I would ever have to type that set of words together in a congratulations sentence, but this is reddit and its a good username. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I am sure your partner will cry at the sight of you in that dress as I did with my spouse. I wish you both the best!

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