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  1. Been a manager before and the way I saw Amazon heading was not good. They hire people with no management experience, toss them into management roles and let them sink or swim. Most of the upper management in my opinion has very little integrity. Management does not present a unified front. Such as having rules/standards but not all management enforces the rules/standards making it very hard for the managers that do.

  2. NAH yet. He has asked you to give him time to think, please do. Demanding he talk about it now until he has had time to think is definitely an AH move.

  3. No I don't think ADHD caused you to be diabetic. I do think ADHD has most likely made it harder for you control your diabetes.

  4. Well, as someone else pointed out in the comments, hope she is ready to pay child support.

  5. YTA Your daughter is old enough to make the decision on where she needs to be. Your sister and you need to deal with it.

  6. I feel like they do a great job of explaining it. It's literally everywhere and they go over it repeatedly in on boarding.

  7. My manager recently had to attend a training on how management as a whole is no longer supposed to encourage competition among rated employees.

  8. What the hell has happened to our beautiful sub? šŸ˜¢

  9. I always go for the cheesy rive burrito. No cheese sauce, no creamy jalapeƱo sauce. Add extra beans, potatoes, lettuce and red sauce.

  10. ESH this has been going on. For 14 years and now your going to put your foot down?? Bit late don't you think???

  11. Kinda like the AM who posted asking about an error message and posted the VTO screen complete with an associates login then got mouthy with me??

  12. YTA You know what the teacher is talking about. Stop causing issues for a teacher that has enough on their plate.

  13. YTA wow. So your wife is trying and working on getting better at something and you won't even help her by playing a game because IT'S NOT CHALLENGING FOR YOU???

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