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  1. Manspreading is definitely a thing, a subconscious difference in how individuals view space based on their social positions. I see similar dissonance between white people and people of color. It’s about subconscious feelings of entitlement to more space and more room, compared to women who are told to take up less space to be polite (and obedient). Same can be said for a lot of other marginalized vs majority groups.

  2. I manspread, but I do it mostly to assert the fact that I'm gay because some guys can't tell by how I dress somehow...

  3. next time i see him I should give him some to see what he thinks!! it’s the worst fruit so ofc he should hate it

  4. Hot take: honeydew is fine if it's ripe, you guys just eat it when it's gross and hard

  5. Clearly you've never had just perfectly ripe honeydew, they kinda ripe like avocados lol

  6. I’m a man and this really feels like it was not written by a man to me. The words may pass for Niceguy but there’s no seething self-hatred, no profanity, no mention of stretched out holes or OP being “used up,” no attempts to classify OPs boyfriend as an abusive Chad.

  7. I meant that men aren't oppressed by women specifically, but rather the patriarchy, sorry I didn't mean to phrase it in a way that says men don't have struggles

  8. Its always about punching women. Always. We know y'all wanna beat us so badly, we get it. Its why we want y'all to stay far far away.

  9. Yeah like "I should get to punch women cause equality" no mf go to therapy instead of committing acts of violence

  10. Ever see that old lady in requiem for a dream? It’s a thing that happens when people get old is they put on too much lipstick and sometimes nobody has the decency to tell them how bad it looks.

  11. Idk tho, if an older person in your life was slowly losing their marbles, it’s pretty easy to mention stuff like that to them. Lipstick on the teeth is a sign that relationships have deteriorated faster than her mind.

  12. This might be nitpicky, but I wish small dick jokes would come up more in conversations about male body issues.

  13. Yeah, everybody knows the best response to a dick pic is sending them one back like damn

  14. Teenagers can be horny, not to mention that sexualizing someone freshly turning 18 is still. Weird. Especially if you're are old, plus not to mention that A: you're talking about the Danganronpa 2 characters after and before the simulation, their bodies and minds in the simulation were high school, and there is no real basis to the last claim

  15. They are in HIGH SCHOOL UNIFORMS they are called the super HIGH SCHOOL level ultimates, they are high schoolers for the love of God they are teenagers

  16. Milk is fine for cats unless they are lactose intolerant, and carrots are fine to feed to bunnies so long as you diversify their diet with other nutrients.

  17. I would test a bit with the cat as most cats are lactose intolerant, though not all

  18. Isn’t it better for these wackos to get their kicks from anime than them going after real kids though?

  19. I agree with what you're trying to say, but I think if you enjoy child porn in any way you should seek professional help, if you have trauma such as being sexually assaulted at a young age though I think this is considered a coping mechanism, which imo is the only instance that makes it ok

  20. No, pickles never did anything wrong it was on Mr Penutbutter for repeditly going for younger women

  21. Ok then every man who wears swim trunks with no shirt is sent to the guillotine for being a manwhore

  22. Maybe he didn't like it because of his good soul or whatever the fuck, but the way he went about it was absolutely dickish, if someone gets a gift for you you say thank you I thought this was common sense

  23. No, I said the history of homosexuality...etc the practice was not "totally false" and just because they may have engaged in some unethical practices doesnt trivialize their findings, studies, and so on. Some of those lay the ground work for new theories and ideas today. 💡

  24. Yeah "lay the ground work" doesn't mean that they had any credibility, they are as someone would say, the eggs that needed to be broken to make the omelet

  25. I hate that people equate feminism to misandry, in my opinion, thinking feminism is cringe or bad is objectively misogynistic, as it is literally the pursuit of equal rights.

  26. Google it chucklenuts, making abortion legal doesn't fucking stop abortion. Desperate women will do anything they can to not have a child they can't take care of, because of fucking course they will. Women do illegal abortions, and they die, and so does the embryo

  27. This is funny cause my mom got a tattoo and regretted it severely later and told all of us not to get one

  28. Well. They are physically stronger. That is a fact. But mental- resilience-wise? emotionally? I think not. All we’d have to do is formulate a minor flu virus and they’d all by lying about crying for some woman to help them eat. A few weeks later most of them would catch some skin disease because they couldn’t work out how to use a washing machine to clean their clothes. The list goes on.

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